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Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal

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Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal
JB Larkin Sentral Waiting Area

Location: Johor Bahru

Larkin Sentral Bus Terminal

The Johor Larkin Bus Terminal is a built up complex in the city of Larkin. It is situated very close to Johor and its city center. The terminal is a central pickup point for much of Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. This is the largest terminal of its kind in Johor Bahru. The Johor Larkin Bus Terminal receives passengers via taxi, express bus and also serves the Singapore Bus Service Transit and the Causeway Link. The best way to get to the Johor Larkin Bus Terminal is by express bus or taxi. The Johor Larkin Bus Terminal is a three-level complex that has bays to support 50 buses.

Not the be confused with another terminal in Johor Bahru called JB Sentral. JB Larkin Sentral is located in Larkin while JB Sentral is located in Johor Bahru city center.

Where is Larkin Sentral located?

JB Larkin Sentral is located in Larkin area, around 20 minutes away from JB city center. See in Google Map »

Larkin Sentral Online Ticket

Larkin Sentral online tickets are available for online booking on BusOnlineTicket.com. We have partnered with various operators to provide the most comprehensive online booking portal for our customers. You can book the tickets for bus departing from Larkin Sentral, Johor Bahru and many other bus terminals and locations on our website. You can check bus schedule and compare prices online for various routes within Malaysia and Singapore.

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Available at Larkin Sentral

One the first level of the Johor Larkin Bus Terminal is where food amenities including McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dunkin Donuts, and Pizza Hut can be found, all of which are open 24 hours. Shopping is on this level, as are six ATM machines. Other amenities include a lost-luggage center, a travel agency, a pharmacy, restrooms, and an information counter. On the second level there is an enormous shopping open market and the third level offers a food court and a mosque. On the first and second levels, there are full-service beauty shops.

Immigration Checkpoints

Passengers are able to catch a new bus when the conductor stops off at the immigration checkpoints in Malaysia and Singapore. During these checks, passengers must get off the bus, and along with their baggage, clear customs before re-boarding the bus. Buses depart about every 15 minutes.

Taxi Service

There are many taxi stands situated around the Johor Larkin Bus Terminal. Beware of taxi drivers who do not use meters to base fares from. These taxis generally charge the customer much more than a metered taxi would.

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How to buy bus ticket from and to Larkin Sentral?

You can buy Larkin Sentral bus ticket from the ticket counter at the bus terminal in Johor Bahru. The easier way is to boo online ticket at BusOnlineTicket.com or via BusOnlineTicket mobile app.

Do I need to register to book Larkin Sentral online ticket?

No. But you are encouraged to register so you can earn loyalty points and redeem discounts for future booking. Members also get to enjoy the benefits of BOT GoFlexi and many other exclusive discounts.

Which bus company is available for online booking?

We have up to 200 operators available for booking. You can check the full list of bus operators on our website. Some of the popular operators in Larkin Sentral are KKKL Express and Mayang Sari Express.

Which bus route is available for online booking?

We have more than 8,000 routes available for bus booking including bus between Malaysia and Singapore and bus between Malaysia and Thailand.

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Most of the ticket prices available on our website are same as counter. However, we do charge a minimum amount of processing fee, although in most cases, processing fee are waived depending on the operator you choose.