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Johor Bahru to Seremban Bus Schedule and Bus Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus No.of Trip Depart Day Fare From
Billion Stars 07:00 20:00 16 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Eltabina Jaya Sdn Bhd 10:30 15:10 2 M T W T F S S  RM 30.00
ETIKA BILLION STARS 08:00 13:59 7 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Inter Top Express KL 07:00 14:30 11 M T W T F S S  RM 34.00
Kejora Masyhur Sdn Bhd 08:30 08:30 1 M T W T F S S  RM 28.00
KKKL SDN BHD (Terus Nanti) 08:00 20:00 9 M T W T F S S  RM 28.00
Neoliner Express 07:30 18:30 15 M T W T F S S  RM 31.50
Plusliner 08:30 21:30 6 M T W T F S S  RM 28.90
S&S International 10:00 21:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 31.00
Sri Theven Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd 09:14 11:00 8 M T W T F S S  RM 28.50
Starmart Express 11:30 23:59 4 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Super 88 Express 10:25 15:55 16 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Super Coach Express 00:00 20:30 11 M T W T F S S  RM 26.50
Supernice Grassland 09:00 16:29 7 M T W T F S S  RM 33.00
Top Liner 14:00 14:00 1 M T W T F S S  RM 30.00
UBT Group (Skudai) 09:30 14:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 33.00

Johor Bahru to Seremban Bus Trip Summary


271 km

Avg Duration

3 hrs 45 min

No.of Operator


Total Trip


Johor Bahru to Seremban Bus Guide

Bus from Johor Bahru to Seremban

Bus from Johor Bahru to Seremban is the most common transportation option to go from Johor Bahru to Seremban. Reason is because there is no airport in Negeri Sembilan where Seremban city is located, thus flight is not suitable. Train is available to connect passenger from Johor Bahru to Seremban, but due to lack of upgrading in train system, the duration from Johor Bahru to Seremban by train is taking too long. Therefore, bus from Johor Bahru to Seremban is the favourite choice for many passengers.

Duration, Fare, and Arrival Point

Duration for bus from Johor Bahru to Seremban usually takes about 3-4 hours, depending on the traffic and weather condition. Most buses will go direct to Seremban without stopping at highway resting area, unless washroom break is requested. The standard bus fare for bus from Johor Bahru to Seremban is about RM 35.00. Please note that bus fare would go up slightly during festive season like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya.

Bus from Johor Bahru to Seremban mostly depart from Larkin Bus Terminal. Another departure point would be in Tun Aminah Bus Terminal, offered by Top Liner. Bus to Seremban usually terminate at Seremban Bus Terminal One. The terminal is located at Seremban city centre, where passenger can easily connect to any other places in Seremban.

Bus Choices?

There are numbers of bus operators providing the bus service from Johor Bahru to Seremban. Some passengers may be confused by the available choices and are wondering which coach to take. Here are some suggestions, based on our survey from local passengers’ preferences. Most locals prefer the brands of KKKL Express and Plusliner. Reason is because their buses are always punctual, clean and comfortable. On top of that, both KKKL and Plusliner provides many departure schedules for passengers to choose from. KKKL ticket price is very affordable at RM29.00.

Other bus operators offering bus from JB to Seremban include S&S International, Intertop Exress and TOP Liner.

JB to Seremban Bus Ticket Online

Even there are many coach choices and departure schedules from Johor Bahru to Seremban to choose from, passengers are advised to purchase Johor Bahru to Seremban bus ticket online at instead of last minute ticket purchase at counter. This is because Johor Bahru to Seremban bus ticket could possibly be sold out even on weekday, especially the two famous brands mentioned above. Hence passengers could avoid lengthy waiting time at Larkin bus terminal. Moreover, you can book ticket with BOT GoFlexi enabled when you book online to make rescheduling or cancelling your ticket easy.