I do not have a printer. Is it a must to take the printout of the ticket?

Yes. It is compulsory to print out the e-confirmation of the booking. However, some bus company, printed e-confirmation is optional as long as you could provide the booking reference number. Kindly refer to the notes during your booking and the notes inside the e-confirmation email. You also need to present your ID or the booking reference number to get the boarding pass.

I have lost my e-confirmation, can I collect my ticket without e-confirmation?

You may email to us and our customer service team will email you the e-confirmation within 24hours. Alternatively, for some bus company ONLY, if you are the person who bought the ticket, kindly show the counter staff your registered passport number / telephone / Identity Card. The counter will issue the ticket to you.

What is the contact number of the express bus counter?

Please refer to this link.

How long will the bus operator open the schedule in advance?

Normally express bus company will open their schedule 1 month in advance.

Should I check-in earlier to board the bus, train or ferry?

Yes, you have to check-in at least 30 minutes prior departure time. However, you are advised to check-in 1 hour earlier due to the possibility of the traffic congestion during festive season and school holidays.

Is there any weight limit for the luggage for each passenger?

For most of the buses, every passenger is only allowed to bring the maximum of 15kg of luggage. BusOnlineTicket.com will not responsible should you were not allowed to board the bus if your luggage is more than 15kg. Please check with the respective operators if you need to bring more than 15kg of luggage.

Can I bring pets on-board?

No. Pets are not allowed on-board for bus, train and ferry even if they are in a carrier, crates or cage.

How do I check and utilize my redemption point (BOT Miles)?

You have to login to your account with your email address. You can redeem your BOT Miles during booking process or click here to redeem your point with discount code.

Can I request to add in NTUC Plus! LinkPoints for my previous booking before I signed up as a member?

The LinkPoints can only be rewarded for booking made after you linked your BOT member account to your NTUC Plus! account.

Payment and Refund

What payment options do you accept?

For Singapore Dollar transaction, we accept:
1. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
2. eNETS (DBS, UOB, OCBC Internet Banking in Singapore)
3. Alipay
4. Paypal
5. SingPost (Click here to find out more)

For Malaysia Ringgit transaction, we accept:
1. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard)
2. Maybank2U
3. FPX (Most Malaysia bank’s including Alliance, Hong Leong, RHB, CIMB Bank, AM Bank and others)
4. Alipay
5. Mobile Money
6. Paypal

I don’t have a Paypal account, how can i use my credit card to make payment in Paypal?

Please click here to see how you can made payment in Paypal using your credit card.

Does the owner of the credit card, with which the ticket is purchased, need to be one of the passengers?

No. A passenger can use any card to pay for the ticket, not necessarily his own. However, please note that the passenger in whose name the ticket(s) is/are booked should carry a proof of his identity (along with the ticket) at the time of boarding the bus and the card holder deemed to agree to pay for the booking for this passenger.

The website hang while trying to process payment, how do I know whether my payment get through?

Kindly email to us to highlight this issue immediately, we will check and respond to you within 24 hours.

How do I pay via SingPost?

You may refer to this link for the guide on how to make payment in SingPost.

How will BusOnlineTicket.com refund?

Refund, if applicable, we will refund to your credit card or paypal. The refund will immediately be submitted to our bank. From the submission / refund date banks generally take up to 2 to 4 weeks to process the refund payment and transfer the funds into a customers’ credit card or PayPal. Please note, some banks can take up to 15-30 days, or until the next billing cycle.

Manage Booking

I have made my payment, but I did not get any confirmation/e-receipt from BusOnlineTicket.com

Kindly check your junk mail for the confirmation/e-receipt. If there is no e-receipt received, kindly email to us, our customer service team will respond to you within 24 hours after receiving your email.

Do I need to register to make booking in BusOnlineTicket.com?

BusOnlineTicket.com offers a unique flexibility in user registration. It is not required to register to buy tickets online. However, frequent passengers are encourage to register with BusOnlineTicket to benefit from BusOnlineTicket.com like BOT Mile reward point etc.

Can I change my booking?

All the booking are confirmed and cannot be cancelled or changed. However, due to different policy from different bus operator, you can send an email to us to raise your request at least 7 days before the scheduled departure time. Please take note that change request approval is subject to respective bus companies’ Term & Condition.

I have found that I made the same booking twice, will there be any refund?

Yes, we will refund to you if you made the same booking twice. But you must email us the booking details within 1 hour after your booking has been made. Terms and conditions apply.

Is there any child ticket?

Some bus operators offer child ticket price and you can check the availability from our booking page. Please select the number of child ticket you want to book in the payment page.

Do I need to buy ticket for my child?

Child below 2 years old does not require a ticket. However, you are advised to buy ticket for your child for safety reason.

Is my ticket transferable?

Yes, you just need to print out the e-confirmation and your friend with the e-confirmation can collect ticket from the counter.

How long would it take to receive my booking confirmation after I made the payment? What should I do if I don’t receive it?

It depends on the payment method that you choose. Usually, you will get the booking confirmation almost instantly. However, sometimes payment is delayed by the bank/credit card company and this could take up to 24 hours for the payment to be confirmed. If you did not receive the booking confirmation email by then, please call our customer service hotline for assistance.

Can I make booking via phone call?

Yes, you can call our customer service hotline and we will assist you to make your booking via phone call. Payment methods for phone booking include online transfer, bank transfer or cash deposit to our account. Then, kindly email the payment receipt back to us. However, you can only make booking for trips with departure day at least in the next two days from the booking time.

For KTM/ETS booking, what should I present during check-in?

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a booking confirmation and the PDF eTicket via your email. Kindly print out the PDF ticket and use it to check-in on your departure day accordingly.

Can I check my booking history after I made a booking?

Yes, you can log into your registered member account and check your booking history under “History” in the member page. If you do not have member account, you can visit Check My Booking page.

How to know if my booking is successful?

You can check your booking status via Check My Booking page or login to your registered member account and check your booking history under “History” in the member page.

Can I cancel my booking?

No, you are not allowed to cancel booking without giving a valid reason. However, you can contact us at sales@busonlineticket.com and any cancellation request will be submitted to the management for approval.

Technical Problem

What is the best resolution to view BusOnlineTicket.com website?

BusOnlineTicket.com is best view with Internet Explorer 9.0 and above at a resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher.

Is there any mobile friendly website or Apps?

Yes. There are mobile friendly website for you to make the booking. Just visit our website from your smart phone, it will redirect you to the mobile site. Alternatively, you may download the apps if you are using Apple or Android platform phone:

For iPhone/iPad User, please click here.

For Android User, please click here.

Journey and Visa

How long is the journey from Singapore to KL by bus?

The journey will take around 5 to 6 hours depending on the traffic condition; this is also applicable for the journey from KL to Singapore. You may look for other trip duration here.

Which MRT station is the nearest to Golden Mile Complex/Keypoint/Textile Centre?

Lavendar MRT and Nicoll Highway MRT (Circle Line, yellow color line)

Will there be any toilet break along the journey?

The express bus will normally stop for 10 minutes for toilet break. If you have urgent matters, kindly inform the bus driver.

Can I use the baby car seat to attach to the seat on the bus? Can I also bring a baby stroller on board the bus?

Baby car seat is not allowed to be used on the bus. You can bring a foldable baby stroller and store it in the luggage compartment beneath the bus.

Do I need a visa to visit Malaysia?

Singaporeans, Thailand and Malaysians do not need visas. However, visa requirements do apply to many other nationalities. It is very important to check if visas are required for your journey because you may be refused the entry without a visa and we are not held responsibility for that consequence. Creating visas on the spot at the custom of 2nd link is not advisable because it will take more than 30 min and the coach will not wait more than 30 min. For more information, you may visit the following website:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
a) For Malaysia, please click here.

b) For Singapore, please click here.
Address : Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tanglin, Singapore 248163
Email : mfa@mfa.gov.sg
Tel : (65) 6379 8000
Fax : (65) 6474 7885
MFA One Call Centre : 1-800- 476 8870
(Toll-free for calls made from Singapore)

Note: The info above are subjected to change from time to time