Reschedule Policy

Book your tickets at ease in advance with If you cannot make it, reschedule it! With our newly added Reschedule feature, you can now have more flexibility and ease when you book your ticket online on

Reschedule Terms & Conditions

  1. This Reschedule Policy shall only be applicable for selected operators with its terms. Please refer to Operators’ Reschedule Policy.
  2. Rescheduling is only allowed with the same operator and the same route per trip.
  3. The promotional rates are not available for rescheduling the booked trip.
  4. Reschedule is only allowed once per trip.
  5. Rescheduling for only partial of the total tickets booked per way is not allowed.
  6. Ticket(s) collected or exchanged at the counter cannot be rescheduled.
  7. The discount code and BOT Miles cannot be used while rescheduling.
  8. The discount code and BOT Miles redeemed during the original booking will not be returned in any form of amount.
  9. Once the ticket has been rescheduled, “Refund Protect”; if available, will no longer be valid for the booking.
  10. Additional Charges: Reschedule fee + (New ticket fare-Original ticket fare paid)
  11. The difference in fare is not refundable if the new ticket is cheaper than the original ticket price paid.
  12. If the reschedule request is rejected by the operator, the Additional Charges paid will be refunded.
  13. The management of reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Reschedule Policy without prior notice.

Operators’ Reschedule Policy

OperatorHours Before DepartureReschedule Fee
Aerobus2RM5.00 per booking
Airport Express48RM0.00 per booking
Alisan Golden Coach72RM5.00 per booking
AYU EXPRESS24RM10.00 per booking
C.S Travel & Tours (Amudi Express)72RM5.00 per booking
Causeway Link Express72RM6.00 per F
Darul Iman Express24RM10.00 per booking
GJG Express Sdn Bhd24RM5.00 per booking
Inter Top Express KL48RM7.00 per ticket
Inter Top Tour Sdn Bhd Hatyai48RM7.00 per ticket
Kajang Counter 14A (Ibu)48RM5.00 per booking
Kejora Masyhur Sdn Bhd72RM5.00 per booking
KKKL Express2RM3.00 per booking
KKKL Travel & Tours Pte Ltd72S$0.00 per ticket
LA Holidays72RM5.00 per booking
LA Holidays (KKKL Translim Agent)72RM5.00 per booking
Mega Star Transportation (Kejora Express / Aclass)24RM5.00 per booking
Melor Interline Express48RM10.00 per booking
Neoliner Express72RM5.00 per booking
Plusliner72RM5.00 per booking
S&S International48RM5.00 per booking
Seasons Express Penang72RM5.00 per booking
Sin Yong Express72RM5.00 per booking
Suasana Tony Coach72RM5.00 per booking
Super Coach Consortium48RM5.00 per booking
Superior Tour72S$5.00 per booking
Supernice Grassland24RM5.00 per booking
TRA EXPRESS48RM10.00 per F
Transnasional72RM5.00 per booking
Transnasional (SKMK)72RM5.00 per booking
Transtar Travel Pte Ltd24S$0.00 per ticket
Unititi Express48RM5.00 per ticket

** KKKL Express trip can only be rescheduled to another trip with departure date earlier than the original departure date.