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Restu Pelangi
Restu Pelangi
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Bus Service between KL, JB, Johor and Seremban

Restu Pelangi is one of the leading bus operators in Malaysia, offering comprehensive express bus services that cover various destinations in Johor, KL and Seremban. These destinations include TBS (Kuala Lumpur), Seremban, Skudai, Tun Aminah, Pasir Gudang, and Ayer Hitam.

One highly popular route serviced by Restu Pelangi is the journey from Seremban to Johor Bahru, and the return service from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur. Additionally, another well-known routes provided by Restu Pelangi connects Pasir Gudang and Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur.

Restu Pelangi Bus Service & Reputation

Restu Pelangi has gained a positive reputation for its commitment to efficiency, punctuality, and passenger comfort. Travelers on the popular route from Seremban to Johor Bahru, and the return service from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur, have consistently praised Restu Pelangi for its well-maintained fleet and courteous staff. Their dedication to delivering a seamless travel experience has contributed to its positive standing in the industry.

Moreover, Restu Pelangi stands out with its affordable ticket prices, starting from RM30. This competitive pricing, coupled with the reliability of their services, makes Restu Pelangi an attractive choice for budget-conscious travelers without compromising on quality. The accessibility of these reasonably priced tickets enhances the accessibility of travel for a diverse range of passengers.

Restu Pelangi Company Address & Contact Number

Restu Pelangi Express
No. 114 Tingkat Atas,
Taman AST Jalan Labu,
70200 Seremban, N.S.D.K.
Tel No: +606-7618815
Email Address:

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