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Johor Bahru to Alor Setar Bus Schedule and Bus Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus No.of Trip Depart Day Fare From
City Holidays Express 21:30 21:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 77.60
Eltabina Jaya Sdn Bhd 21:15 21:15 2 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
JB Transliner 20:45 22:00 3 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Kejora Masyhur Sdn Bhd 10:15 10:30 1 M T W T F S S  RM 75.00
Kesatuan Express (JB) 16:00 18:00 4 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
KKKL SDN BHD (Terus Nanti) 19:15 21:45 4 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia) 17:00 21:30 5 M T W T F S S  RM 77.20
KPB Ekspress 20:45 22:15 3 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Maraliner 20:30 20:30 1 M T W T F S S  RM 77.30
Mayang Sari Express 21:30 21:30 1 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Prisma Express 21:55 21:55 1 M T W T F S S  RM 75.00
Seasons Express Larkin 21:30 23:01 4 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Sin Yong Express 11:15 22:15 6 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Starmart Express 22:00 22:46 2 M T W T F S S  RM 70.00
Super Coach Express 22:00 22:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00
Supernice Grassland 21:30 22:00 2 M T W T F S S  RM 90.00
TRA EXPRESS 22:30 22:30 1 M T W T F S S  RM 78.00
UBT Group (Skudai) 22:30 22:50 1 M T W T F S S  RM 80.00

Johor Bahru to Alor Setar Bus Trip Summary


776 km

Avg Duration

10 hr 28 min

No.of Operator


Total Trip


Johor Bahru to Alor Setar Bus Guide

Bus from Johor Bahru to Alor Setar

Bus from Johor Bahru to Alor Setar is the fastest transportation option to travel to Alor Setar from JB. Alternative transportation option is by train, however due to slower speed, people prefer to take bus than train. There is no budget airline servicing Johor Bahru to Alor Setar and commercial airline is always much more expensive. Thus, bus from Johor Bahru to Alor Setar is always preferred choice of passengers.

Duration, Fare, Stops, and Notes

City Holidays Express and Qistna Express are the two coach companies providing bus from Johor Bahru to Alor Setar. The journey duration is about 11-12 hours, which is faster than taking train. Coach will stop for at least 1 washroom break.

The Johor Bahru to Alor Setar Bus Ticket is in the range of RM 77.20 – RM 85.00. It is always better to book bus ticket in advance to avoid disappointment, due to limited trip daily from Johor Bahru to Alor Setar.

The departure point for bus going to Alor Setar in Johor Bahru is at Johor Larkin bus terminal. As for arrival point, all coaches will alight passengers at Shahab Perdana A1 bus terminal. Besides faster speed for coach, coach is usually more comfortable than train because of full reclining seat and air conditioning bus.

Besides the newly launched 7-Eleven cash payment, also provide payment options of credit card, Paypal, internet banking like Maybank2u, Cimb One Click etc for online booking. With these various payment options, ensures that all levels and all groups of passengers (be it student, working adult, tourists or senior citizen) can always book the Johor Bahru to Alor Setar Bus Ticket online with various suitable payment options provided.