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Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) Bus Schedule and Bus Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus No.of Trip Depart Day Fare From
Arwana Express (JB) 09:00 22:00 6 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Billion Stars 00:15 23:59 27 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
City Holidays Express 07:30 22:45 16 M T W T F S S  RM 34.40
ETIKA BILLION STARS 00:30 23:00 11 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
GJG TRAVEL & TOURS SDN BHD 08:30 23:59 19 M T W T F S S  RM 32.00
Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link) 08:00 15:00 2 M T W T F S S  RM 34.10
Inter Top Express KL 10:30 20:30 6 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Intercity Coach 10:00 10:00 1 M T W T F S S  RM 40.00
Jadam Express 09:00 09:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Kejora Masyhur Sdn Bhd 09:00 09:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
KKKL SDN BHD (Terus Nanti) 07:30 22:00 16 M T W T F S S  RM 36.00
KPB Express 09:30 17:30 15 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Kwok Ping 00:30 23:59 3 M T W T F S S  RM 29.00
LA Holidays 00:15 23:55 31 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
LA Holidays (Sin Yong) 09:00 22:16 16 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Maraliner 09:30 20:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 33.50
Mayang Sari Express 07:00 18:30 18 M T W T F S S  RM 30.00
Neoliner Express 06:30 17:15 20 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Plusliner 18:15 18:15 1 M T W T F S S  RM 40.00
Prisma Express 23:59 23:59 1 M T W T F S S  RM 34.50
Quick Liner Express 08:45 22:15 12 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Quickliner 09:15 10:15 3 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
SC Southern Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd 08:45 22:50 56 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Sin Yong Express 07:30 22:45 12 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
SMB Express 10:15 21:50 4 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Sri Theven Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd 21:15 22:20 8 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Supernice Grassland 08:30 23:00 24 M T W T F S S  RM 40.00
Top Liner 07:30 21:45 10 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Transnasional 14:30 23:59 1 M T W T F S S  RM 38.00
TRANSTAR BILLION 07:59 23:55 11 M T W T F S S  RM 45.00
V Travel 07:30 22:45 9 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Warisan Express 08:00 23:59 42 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Yellow Star Express 00:30 23:59 16 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Bus from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)
Cheapest PriceRM29.00
Distance337 km
Est. Duration4 hrs 30 min
No. of Operator33 operators

Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) Bus Guide

Taking Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) bus is one of the popular options for the passengers to travel between these two locations. Apart from its affordable price, taking bus from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) is also convenient for frequent travellers for this route. On top of that, passengers can easily check bus schedule and compare prices online so they can plan their trip in advance.

Bus Operator Available for Bus from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan)

Sin Yong Express, Supernice Grassland, City Holidays Express, LA Holidays and Super 88 Express are few bus companies that provide bus service from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). There are in total up to 329 bus trips available for Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) bus. The first bus departs at 6:00 AM and the last bus departs at 9:30 AM. Many bus trips are available for this route so you can plan your trip and choose the departure time that is most convenient to you.

Trip Duration, Bus Fare and Notes

The duration required from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) takes about 4 hours 45 minutes. The traffic condition, the weather and travel season could affect the duration so plan your trip carefully before you make your booking. Washroom break will be provided during the journey upon request from the bus driver.

The bus fare from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) is reasonably charged in a range of RM 27.00 to RM 40.00 depending on the operator and type of bus that you choose. Please note that the bus ticket price could be slightly more expensive during festive seasons depending on the operator providing this bus service. You can check the pick-up points and drop-off points for bus from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) on our trip list page.

Grab your bus ticket from Johor Bahru to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) at to enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to online booking. You also can book your bus ticket online via our mobile app which can be downloaded for free on App Store or Google Play. Once we received the payment, we will send you the booking confirmation via email and you are ready to board the bus!

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