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Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT)

Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT)


Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal or the local name Hentian Bas Majlis Bandaraya Kuala Terengganu (MBKT), is the main bus terminal for local buses (“bas bandar”) and long-distance express buses in Kuala Terengganu. The bus terminal is quite big to accommodate the number of buses going in and out of the terminal daily. It is an open-air styled bus terminal without any air conditioner, but the roof is sufficient to shelter the passengers from the sun and rain.


Transnasional, Cepat Express, Kesatuan Ekspres and Perdana Express are among the big bus brands that provide bus services in Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal. They offer many options of departure time for various routes going from and to Kuala Terengganu. Other popular bus brands to provide the express bus service in this bus terminal include Mega Jaya Express and CTTS Holidays Van.

Most popular bus routes in Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT) include bus from KL to Kuala Terengganu and bus from Kuala Terengganu to KL. You can simply check Kuala Terengganu bus schedule and compare Kuala Terengganu bus ticket prices from our website.


Located in the middle of the city, getting to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT) is very easy. Especially with the launch of Visit Beautiful Terengganu 2017 campaign, Kuala Terengganu now provides local city bus called “Bas Kite” that travels around the city and stops by at Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT). Alternatively, you can take taxi to get to the bus terminal but the rate could be quite expensive. The locals usually would have their family members to drop and pick them up from the bus terminal.

Meanwhile, Shahbandar Jetty; which is the gateway to Pulau Redang, is only within 10-15 minutes walking distance away from the Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT). To go from Shahbandar Jetty to Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT) or vice versa, you can take local bus called “Bas Kite”.



Kuala Terengganu Bus Terminal (MBKT) has many amenities such as taxi stands, waiting area and washrooms. You can also find food stalls selling snacks at the bus platform. There is also a food court right beside the bus terminal for those who prefer to have heavy meals before their departure. Moreover, you can also find Muslim’s prayer rooms at the bus terminal. Strangely enough, you can find a barbershop inside the bus terminal but this is common to the locals.


Kuala Terengganu is the royal city and the capital state of Terengganu. The bus going to and from Kuala Terengganu are very popular among the locals and tourists. This is because it is one of the gateways to Redang Island. Therefore, we advise you to book your Kuala Terengganu bus tickets in advance online.

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