Bus from KL to Raub, Benta & Kuala Lipis with Pahang Lin Siong

Pahang Lin Siong KL to Raub, Benta and Kuala Lipis

Pahang Lin Siong Online Tickets for Bus from KL to Raub, Benta & Kuala Lipis

Getting Pahang Lin Siong online ticket is now much easier when you can check the schedule and reserve your preferred seats online! Pahang Lin Siong bus tickets for various routes are now available at BusOnlineTicket.com. Travelling back to your hometown on the weekend is now much easier with us.

Pahang Lin Siong is an established bus operator based in Raub, Pahang. With more than 80 years of experience in the industry, Pahang Lin Siong has gained its popularity by providing consistent bus service, especially in Raub, Benta and Kuala Lipis area.

Popular Pahang Lin Siong bus service:

Pahang Lin Siong KL to Raub bus departs from TBS and Pekeliling Bus Terminal. They have 2 bus schedules from TBS and up to 12 bus schedules from Pekeliling daily. Therefore, you can have more flexibility to travel back to your hometown at the time that suits you best. You can also book the return bus tickets back to KL online.

Apart from the locations mentioned above, Pahang Lin Siong also provides pick up and drop off in various other locations such as Cameron Highlands, Sungai Koyan and Gua Musang. You can check Pahang Lin Siong bus schedule and the availability of other routes on our website. They are a fast-growing company with more than 10 express buses available to serve the passengers. Hence, you can count on them to take you to your destinations.

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