Change of Plan? BOT GoFlexi always strive to provide our customers with the best online booking experience. Hence, we always try to improve and enhance our service with features that would add value and give extra convenience to you.

What is BOT GoFlexi?

BOT GoFlexi is the new feature provided by to our customers whereby the customers now have the option to reschedule the trip or cancel their booking via Member Panel on our website,

With BOT GoFlexi, you now have more flexibility and ease to reschedule your trip or cancel your ticket if you needed to without any hassle. You may check our Reschedule Policy and Refund Policy on our website to learn more about the terms and conditions. You can also check out our Reschedule Booking Guide and Cancel Booking Guide on our website,

Change of plan? No problem! Travel made easy with BOT GoFlexi.