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Express Bus between Shah Alam and Machang, Nilam Puri and Kok Lanas

Zaim Express is a new bus operator which runs under Zaim Express Sdn Bhd. It specializes in routes that carry the travelers thru-and-fro Kuala Lumpur as well as Selangor areas to different parts of Kelantan including Kota Bharu, Nilam Puri, Kok Lanas, Machang, Pasir Mas, Ketereh and Kuala Krai.

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Zaim Express Bus Service & Reputation

Although Zaim Express is new in the market, the company is constantly improving their quality of service to bring safe and comfortable bus journey experience to their customers. On top of that, all the buses deployed by Zaim Express are furnished with air-conditioner, charging ports and reclining seats. Furthermore, there are also footrest as well as cushioned headrest and neck rest on the seat that help the traveler to rest well during the journey.

Zaim Express Contacts

Zaim Express Sdn Bhd
C-1-31, Galeri Klang Sentral,
Jalan Klang Sentral 14/KU5,
41050 Klang, Selangor.
Tel: 017-6777517

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