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Bus Service from Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai

Suasana Tony Coach is one of the top bus operators that provides the bus service from Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai and the return service from Hatyai to Kuala Lumpur. The headquarter of Suasana Tony Coach is located in Hatyai Songkhla, Thailand.

Suasana Tony Coach Bus Service & Reputation

Being one of the top players to provide the bus service between Kuala Lumpur and Hatyai, Suasana Tony Coach buses are equipped with various amenities that offers great convenience for their passengers. With their affordable ticket price, their buses have reclining seats arranged in 2+1 seats pers row. This arrangement offers spacious seats and ample legroom for their passengers. Moreover, the buses also have USB port and free Wi-Fi on board. Therefore, many travellers prefer to take Suasana Tony Coach to get to their destination.

Apart from the normal pick-up point from TBS, Kuala Lumpur; Suasana Tony Coach also pick up passengers from Kajang Bus Terminal, Klang Sentral and Hentian Duta. In Hatyai, their office is located along the Chee Uthit Rd. Bus to Hatyai usually will drop off passengers at Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel, which is actually nearby their office. Besides Hatyai, they also offers bus service that drop off passengers in Danok.

Other Bus Services by Suasana Tony Coach

In addition to the bus service between KL and Hatyai, Suasana Tony Coach also offers various bus service such as bus from Seremban to Hatyai, Seremban to Danok, Kuala Lumpur to Changloon and many more. With their excellent reputation and the top-quality service, Suasana Tony Coach has earned many loyal customers throughout the years.

Suasana Tony Coach Address

17/1 Chee Uthit Rd,
Hatyai Songkhla,
90110 Thailand
Tel No: +66-83-3983993

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