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Hentian Duta Bus Terminal

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Hentian Duta Bus Terminal


The Duta Bus Terminal predominantly serves the express buses that arrive from the north areas of Kuala Lumpur and also serves the Puduraya Station. This choice is ideal for those who want to avoid city overcrowding and traffic congestion. It also is a drop off only location for travelers coming from the northern states. The Duta Bus Terminal is situated in Jalan Duta across from the Mosque Federal Territory and near the Tun Razak Hockey Stadium. The best way to get there is by taxi since there is no access to a LRT station.


Allow for extra travel time in the mornings and during rush hour. In addition, travel delays will typically occur during monsoon season as the roads do flood quickly. In the city areas, traffic jams are imminent because the infrastructures are unable to accommodate the number of vehicles that use them. Adding to that are narrow two lane winding roads that complicate travel even further. Bus drivers are aware of these inconveniences but travelers should allow for them also.


The Duta Bus Terminal is right by the New Klang Valley Expressway so travel is swift to the northern areas such as Penang, Perak, Perlis, and Kedah. The Duta Bus Terminal offers simple amenities such as restrooms, food stands, and a parking facility in addition to the standard boarding platforms, ticket counters, and taxi waiting stands. The nearest train station is just over two miles away.


When at all possible, limit the amount of cash carried. Wear clothes that blend in and do not wear excessive or elaborate jewelry. Never leave luggage unattended. Leave any unnecessary credit cards at home. Always leave a copy of passport and other important documents with family prior to departure.