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Majestic Fast Ferry 2022
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Majestic Fast Ferry is a ferry operator based in Singapore which sail across the busy Singapore strait between Singapore and Batam Island of Indonesia. They are known as the quickest, generally sumptuous, cutting edge and most youthful ferries in the area.

Being a mindful ship administrator, the Majestic Fast Ferry provides the utmost luxury of comfortable seats and various amenities to accommodate every traveling need. They also focused on persistently inspire the passengers to travel with them by guaranteeing every traveler’s security. This is additionally done to ensure that their travelers have a lovely and pleasant journey with Majestic Ferry.

They are featuring two types of high-speed ferries, known as Majestic and Wavemaster. Their ferries have a total of 317 seats or 168 seats. Majestic Fast Ferry is committed to making sure passengers have a pleasant and enjoyable journey by providing high quality, reliable and comfortable ferry services.

Traveling between Singapore and Indonesia has never been this easy! Plan your trip and enjoy the convenience of high speed ferry transfers of Majestic Fast Ferry today!

Majestic Fast Ferry Office Address

HarbourFront Centre
Majestic Fast Ferry Pte Ltd (CRN : 200711821K)
1 Maritime Square # 03-41 Harbourfront Centre,
Singapore 099253.
Tel No: +65 6344 6222
Email: /

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