The Ultimate Guide of Penang Sentral Bus Terminal

Penang Sentral

Penang Sentral or Butterworth Bus Terminal

Penang Sentral is the major one-stop transportation hub located in Butterworth, Penang. It was recently opened in November 2018 to provide an integrated system for bus, rail, and ferry transportation services. Previously, Butterworth Bus Terminal served as the main bus terminal in Butterworth while Penang Sentral was still in development. After the opening of Penang Sentral, Butterworth Bus Terminal has closed and bus operations are moved to Penang Sentral Bus Terminal.

Penang Sentral is connected to the Butterworth Rail Station and Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal. It also serves as a bus terminal for both public buses (Rapid Bus Penang) and intercity buses. This makes it easier and faster than ever to transit between transportation services in Penang.

Penang Sentral Directory

L1 Bus Terminal
L2 Bus Ticketing Counters
Ferry Terminal Linkway
Taxi Terminal
KTM Train Station Linkway
Prayer Room (Surau)
Luggage Locker
L3 Main Entrance/Drop-off Area
Food Court
L4 (closed)
L5 (closed)
L6-L9 Car Park

* At the time of writing, Level 4 and 5 are not yet open to public.

Getting around in Penang Sentral is easy as there are plenty of signboards providing guides and directions. What’s more, numbers indicating floor levels are largely displayed throughout each floor to make it easier to remember your way.

How to go to Penang Sentral?

Travellers can reach Penang Sentral by taking an express bus, rapidPenang bus, KTM or ferry. You can also choose to book a Grab ride to Penang Sentral if you live nearby. The main entrance to Penang Sentral is on Level 3 which is accessible via a flyover.

Drop-off point for Grab cars or personal cars will be at the main entrance. You will see Starbucks and Huawei right across the entrance when you first enter, and on your right is Royaltea cafe.

Penang Sentral Main Entrance
Grab Pick Up and Drop Off Point at Main Entrance

Bus Ticket Counters and Self-Service Ticket Machines

The Penang bus ticket counter is located on Level 2. There is no specific counter for specific express bus operator. You can buy tickets for any bus operator at any counters. Alternatively, you can buy tickets from the self-service ticket machines.

Bus Ticket Counter at Level 2
Self-Service Ticket Machine

► LCD Screen to Check for Bus Departure and Schedule

LCD Screen at Ticket Counter
There are LCD screens displaying bus schedules at the ticketing counter. You can check bus operator name, trip no, time, destination, platform number, and the status of bus trip whether it has departed or is delayed. This LCD screen can be found in many other locations in the entire building.

Please check your boarding information and platform number carefully to avoid boarding the wrong bus and ending up in the wrong destination.

Bus Platforms at Penang Sentral Bus Terminal

The bus platforms in Penang Sentral are divided into two wings, one for departure and the other one for arrival. In the arrival platform for express bus, passengers can also find public buses such Rapid Bus Penang, KBRT and Lean Hock Bus. All bus platforms for express buses and local buses are in Level 1. There are two different escalators to get to these two platforms.

► Departure Platform

Bus platform for departure requires a boarding pass to enter. In the departure platform, passengers can wait for their bus in the seating areas. The area is guarded by several staffs to assist the passengers. All departure gates are marked with numbers to ease the flow of passengers getting into the bus.

Check in Point to Express Bus Platform
Express Bus Platform

► Arrival Platform and Public Bus Platform

Express bus arrival platform is located at the same area as the public bus platform. Upon arrival, passengers can easily get RapidPenang bus or other public buses to get to their destination.

Escalator to Public Bus Platform
RapidPenang Bus at Penang Sentral

► Passenger Seating Area

The passengers seating area is spacious, air-conditioned and equipped with LCD screens that display bus schedules. Washroom for men, women and the handicaps are also available for the convenience of the passengers.

Waiting Area in Platform
Washroom in Bus Platfrom

From Penang Sentral to Butterworth Train Station

Penang Sentral is located next to the Butterworth KTM Train Station.

Temporarily, the Linkway to the KTM train station can be accessed from Level 2, next to the bus ticket counter. To go to the train station, take the left passage next to the bus ticket counter. Follow the signs until you reach a lift or staircase. Take the lift or staircase down to Level 1.

Linkway to KTM Station
Staircase to KTM Station

Once you have exited the lift or the stairs, turn right and walk until you see the entry passage to the KTM station. As mentioned, this is a temporary pathway to get to the train station. In the future, there will be a direct link from Penang Sentral to the Butterworth Train Station.

Temporary Linkway to KTM Station
KTM Komuter

Penang Sentral Ferry to Penang Island

Penang Sentral is also connected to Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal, the ferry terminal that connects Butterworth to Georgetown in Penang Island. The Linkway is located on Level 2.

From Level 3 Main Entrance, take the escalator on your right to Level 2. Then, turn left where you will see the entrance to the ferry terminal between KFC and Iqbal’s Restaurant. Once you’ve passed the sliding the door, you will see the pathway that leads you to the ferry ticket counter. The pathway also has ramp access for passengers on a wheelchair.

Entrance to Ferry Terminal from Penang Sentral
Accessibility to Get to Ferry Terminal

The ferry at Penang Sentral is operated by RapidFerry. You can easily buy ferry tickets or ask for information at the counter. Ferry from Butterworth to Georgetown only cost from RM 1.20 for adult!

Ferry Ticket Counter
Ferry Fare

Taxi Service at Penang Sentral

Taxi services can be found on Level 2, nearby the ferry entrance area. Travellers can walk past Iqbal’s Restaurant to go to the Taxi Terminal and its parking bay. The terminal uses a coupon system for taxis. You can purchase the coupons from the Coupon Taxi Ticket Counters.

Taxi Service Area at Level 2
Taxi Counter

Other Amenities in Penang Sentral

ATM The Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is located on Level 2, next to the Bus Ticketing Counters. ATM Machine at Penang Sentral
Wheelchair and Baby Stroller Loans Rent wheelchairs and baby strollers from the Information Counters on Level 2 or Level 3. Information Counter at Penang Sentral
Luggage Lockers Put your luggage away for safekeeping in the luggage lockers.
You can find them to the right side of the Bus Ticket Counters.
Luggage Store at Penang Sentral

Washrooms are available on every floor. There are separate washrooms for men, women, and differently abled individuals (OKU). A baby room is also available on Level 2.

Meanwhile, surau or prayer room for the Muslims is located at Located on Level 2, next to Iqbal’s Restaurant and before the Taxi Terminal.

Car Parks

Car parks are available from Level 6 to Level 9 of Penang Sentral. You can park your car in the provided space, and take the lift down to the floors below. The first 2 hours will be charged at RM2 and every subsequent 1 hour adds another RM1.

Parking Area in Penang Sentral
Lift at Parking Area

Things to do in Penang Sentral

There are various restaurants and cafes you can dine at, check out our list of 6 Must-Try Food in Penang Sentral. There are also a few well-known electronic and services stores that can cater to your smartphone needs. As for book lovers, you can drop by Karangkraf’s Book2U.

Penang Sentral is still in development for Phase 2 and above. However, do look forward to more stores opening in the future once the Sentral Mall opens (similar in concept to Nu Sentral in Kuala Lumpur).

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