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Pontian Bus Terminal

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Pontian Bus Terminal


Pontian Bus Terminal (or “Terminal Pangangkutan Awam Pontian“) is a bus terminal located in Pontian Kecil, Johor. The bus terminal serves express buses and local buses going from and to Pontian. Some of the popular bus operators that are available in Pontian Bus Terminal include Cepat Express, Mayang Sari, S&S International and Maju Express.


For passengers that booked their tickets in advance online, you can bring your printed booking confirmation to the counter to check in. After checked in, you can wait at the waiting area provided at the bus platform. Once the bus has arrived, you can store your luggage and board the bus.

Meanwhile, for arrival at the Pontian Bus Terminal, you will find shop lots around the bus terminal. Thus, you can easily find restaurants or cafe to have a meal. Local bus and taxi service are available at the bus terminal to get you to your next destination.


From the town, you can get to Pontian Bus Terminal by express buses, local buses or taxi. The locals usually would have their family members or friends to send them to the bus terminal. There are also many express bus services coming from other states in Malaysia going to Pontian Bus Terminal. You can check for tickets availability and compare prices at BusOnlineTicket.com. Most popular bus services in Pontian Bus Terminal include bus from Pontian to KL and bus from KL to Pontian.


Basic facilities and amenities are complete in Pontian Bus Terminal. Washroom is available for passengers and visitors. Several ticket counters are also there for customers to buy bus tickets and to check in. Although there is no air-conditioner at the bus terminal, the waiting area is sheltered for the convenience of the passengers.

You can also find taxi waiting area on one of the side of the terminal. Moreover, you can visit the convenience store and the restaurants at the terminal in case you need anything or want to fill up your stomach before your departure.


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