Suasana Tony Coach Offers Bus from KL to Hatyai

Suasana Tony Coach Bus from KL to Hatyai

Invitation to Relax and Unwind in Hatyai

Planning to go to Hatyai for a short weekend trip? Suasana Tony Coach now offers bus service from Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai. Their bus ticket to Hatyai is available for online booking at Feel free to check their bus schedule online anytime to help with your trip planning.

Suasana Tony Coach mainly provides bus service between KL and Hatyai, a famous vacation destination in the southern part of Thailand. They are headquartered in Hentian Duta. In fact, one of the pick-up points for their bus from KL to Hatyai is in Hentian Duta.

Besides Hentian Duta, Suasana Tony Coach also offers pick-up points in TBS, Klang Sentral and Kajang Bus Terminal. Bus to Hatyai usually stops in Lee Gardens Plaza Hotel in Hatyai or at their office located along the Chee Uthit Rd. They have buses departing in the morning and at night. The first bus departs at 8AM and the last bus departs at 12AM. Check Suasana Tony Coach bus schedule and choose from whichever departure time that suits you.

Suasana Tony Coach buses are installed with spacious reclinable seats arranged in 2+1 per row. The buses also have USB port and free Wi-Fi on board. The comfort that they offer makes them a popular choice among the passengers travelling to Hatyai since its a long-distance journey. Book Suasana Tony Coach bus tickets online at today! For easy access, you can download our mobile app for free on App Store and Google Play. Plan your trip to Hatyai book online today!