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Singapore to Bintan Ferry Guide

Ferry from Singapore to Bintan
Quick Information
Route : Singapore to Bintan, Indonesia
Service : Sindo Ferry Pte Ltd
Bintan Resort Ferry Pte Ltd
Trips : 6 to 8 trips daily
Fares : SGD 45.00-SGD 70.00 each way

Ferry Service with

Travel within the south is getting more convenient, thanks to the wide ferry services offered here at Set yourself on one of the famous holiday routes – Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Singapore) to Bintan (Indonesia) as we engage Sindo Ferry Pte Ltd and Bintan Resort Ferry Pte Ltd to get you to the largest island of the Riau Archipelago. Ranging from SGD 45.00 to SGD 70.00, the two ferry operators offer affordable ferry services to Bintan. On top of that, both operators have years of experience in terms of providing the ferry services for this route so they have instilled confidence in their passengers in terms of safety.

Departure Time

From 8:00am to as late as 8:00pm, there are up to eight sailings available from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan and six sailing from Bintan to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal respectively. This frequent ferry service offered caters to more chances of passengers getting a ride while meeting their timing convenience and allowing them to enjoy the ferry ride in comfortable space within the approximately one-hour journey.

Important Tips – Arrive Early to Departure Point

It is also crucial to ensure that you arrive at the terminal for check-in and boarding pass collection should you depart from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal as you will need to arrive at least 1.5 hours prior to the departure time. Same goes to departing from Bintan at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal, passengers are advised to check in and collect boarding pass two hours before the ferry departs.

Feel free to explore the ferry schedule according to your availability via our user-friendly booking machine at In just a click away, you will get to discover the ferry schedule and prices. Obtain more details about the ferry to Bintan to plan your trip ahead.

Things Must Do in Bintan

We love providing you travel tips as much as our bus and ferry rides at Stroll on the white sandy beach while enjoying the clear blue sea and cooling breeze of Trikora Beach that is a definitely a stress-free paradise! Too much relaxation? Get on the busy streets of Tanjung Pinang, the largest town at Bintan that allows you to shop for handicrafts, snacks and dried seafood while photographing the traditional buildings and structures.

Talking about food, how can we miss Pasar Oleh-oleh? It is a Bintan Resorts personally owned market of souvenirs where you can also get dried seafood, keropok (prawn or fish crackers) and local kuih lapis (layered cake).

Looking for island adventure? Bintan will not disappoint you as there are water sports, adventure trek at Bintan Mountain, Bintan Elephant Park, mountain biking and many others! Bear as many activities in mind as you can do in Bintan is more than just engaging in sight but it also satiates your excitement for adrenaline rush. Need not envious of your friends’ recent beach holidays as your turn is NOW! Let take you there.