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Redang Island to Merang Jetty Ferry Guide

Quick Information
Route :  Redang Island to Merang Jetty
Service :  Al Ameen Boat Service
 Vigourmarine Boat Services
Jetty :  Redang Island Jetty, Laguna Jetty, Pelangi Jetty, Teluk Kalong Jetty & Village Jetty
Trip :  Al Ameen Boat Service - 4 trips daily
 Vigourmarine Boat Services - 4 trips
Fares :  Adult - RM55 each way
 Children - RM28 - RM55 each way

Ferry Service with

To travel from Redang Island to Merang Jetty, travelers can choose to use the ferry service offered by Al Ameen Boat Service and Vigourmarine Boat Services.

Currently, Al Ameen Boat Service is providing high-speed ferry passengers service to the public to travel from Redang Island to Merang Jetty. It is an operator that based in Terengganu and this route is among the most popular routes of the company.

Besides, Vigourmarine Boat Service is also offering the service, hence bringing more choice and convenience to the travelers. This company is always striking to bring enjoyment and safeness to their customer. Therefore, travelers can relax their mind and enjoy their trip with Vigourmarine Boat Services.

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Trip Duration, Departure Time and Ticket Price for Ferry from Redang Island to Merang Jetty

The trip duration will normally take 45 to 60 minutes for the trip from Redang Island to Merang Jetty, depending on the weather and tidal condition.

For this route, Al Ameen Boat Service is offering 4 trips daily and the earliest trip is at 9:00 AM. Trip will be offered every 2-3 hours. The ferry will depart daily at:

- 9:00 AM

- 11:00 AM

- 1:00 PM

- 4:00 PM

As for Vigourmarine Boat Service, the operator is also providing 4 trips for this route. Although the trip is not provided on daily basis, the ferry is departing at the following time when it is operating:

- 9:00 AM

- 11:00 AM

- 1:00 PM

- 4:00 PM

For adult, the ferry ticket of this route is priced at RM55. While for children, each operator charges differently and the ticket is priced at the range of RM28 to RM55.

Pick-up and Drop-off Point

The two operators are utilizing different departure point for this route from Redang Island to Redang Island. For Al Ameen Boat Service, travelers can choose to depart at Laguna Jetty, Pelangi Jetty, Teluk Kalong Jetty and Village Jetty. As for Vigourmarine Boat Services, the pick-up point of the operator is at Redang Island Jetty.

On the other hand, Merang Jetty is the drop off point of the route. The jetty is filled with basic amenities like sheltered waiting area and washrooms. Hence, it will be more convenience for the travelers.

Redang Island

Redang Island is among the largest islands at east coast Malaysia and is highly favourable by the locals and foreigners as an island destination. Lots of activities can be done on the island including snokerlling, diving, island hopping and turtle watching. When you travel to this beautiful island, never miss the chance to admire the marine life at the turquoise colour ocean. A leisure Strolling at the white sand beach while enjoying the sea breeze can also be relaxing while a visitation to the Marine Park Centre is indeed a meaningful trip as you can discover more on the conservation efforts on the protection of turtle population and marine life.


Monsoon season will take place between November and March. During the period, most of the tourist facilities will shut down at Redang Island. Therefore, travelers shall check for the availability and plan their trip well to avoid disappointment.