Top 7 things to do in Cameron Highlands

The Cameron Highlands is situated in Pahang, West Malaysia, one of the most popular hill destinations in Malaysia. It is approximately 200km from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands.


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Going to Cameron Highlands by your own vehicle, take the North-South Expressway, exit the expressway at Tapah and then proceed via route 59 straight to the highlands. It takes about 1 hr 30 min to reach the first town of Ringlet.

Alternatively, you can exit the expressway at Simpang Pulai, Ipoh and proceed via route 145 to Cameron Highlands. It takes about 1 hr to reach the first town, Kampung Raja. Condition of this route is significantly better than Route 59 from Tapah.

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Cameron Highlands Tourist Attractions

1. Mossy Forest

mossy forest - cameron highlands

The boardwalk provides some breathtaking views of the Mossy Forest, where visitors can explore the area through a boardwalk that is about 2km before the peak of Gunung Brinchang. The Mossy Forest is a forest that grows only at the highest elevations of Cameron Highlands and other mountain ranges across Malaysia.

2. Cameron Highlands Trail No. 3 (Tanah Rata)

trails - cameron highlands


trails - cameron highlands


Cameron Highlands is a great place to explore nature and trekking. It has over 14 known trails, and trail no. 3 is among the top popular trails that visitors choose from. The trail Starts at Arcadia Cottage near the golf course, towards a 2 and a half hour steep climb to Gunung Beremban (1841 meters), but has shorter alternate paths to Trail 2 and Trail 5 and some longer treks that joins Trail 7 or Trail 8 from atop the mountain.

3. Gunung Brinchang

gunung brinchang - cameron highlands


Gunung Brinchang is the highest peak in Cameron Highlands, reigning at 2000 meters above sea-level. It offers a stunningly amazing view of the sunrise and sunset alike.

4. Time Tunnel Museum

time tunnel museum - cameron highlands

The TIME TUNNEL is Malaysia’s first memorabilia museum, which is located in Brinchang and is recognized as one of the main attractions of the Cameron Highlands. It is approximately 90km from Ipoh and about 200km from Kuala Lumpur.

5. Cameron Highlands Trail No. 10 (Tanah Rata)

trails - cameron highlands

The trail starts near Oly Apartments and continues towards Gunung Perdah (1551 meters). In order to avoid the summit, splinter off to Trail 11, which is along a parallel path to Gunung Perdah where both trails merge with Trail 12 to the weather station, near the golf course road.

6. Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1 (Brinchang)

trails - cameron highlands

Cameron Highlands Jungle Trail No. 1 involves a climb up to Gunung Brinchang that starts from the north of Brinchang town, towards over a 1-hour walk up with another hour walk back on to the road. Or, alternatively you can simply drive to the summit and walk down Trail 1.

7. Gunung Irau (Mount Irau) (Brinchang)

gunung irau (mount irau) - cameron highlands

Located at 2,110 meters above sea-level, Gunung Irau is the highest mountain within Cameron Highlands. A popular hiking ground for visitors, the trail to conquer its summit begins where the Mossy Forest boardwalk ends, taking between two and three hours to complete a 2.35km climb.