Top 5 Shopping Destinations in Batam

Batam is the ideal holiday destination for you, if you are looking to combine relaxation with the ultimate shopping experience. Its picturesque surroundings and fascinating boutiques and stores have something to offer everyone.

If you live in, or are visiting Singapore, plan a trip down to Batam. It is only a one-hour ferry ride from the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. Home to large shopping complexes as well as small handicraft shops, this island city offers a vibrant shopping culture. From high-end products to decent discounts, you will find something to suit your budget in Batam. Check out some of Batam’s most popular shopping centres and read on to find out more about what Batam has in store for you.


Ferry tickets to Batam are relatively affordable, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious travellers. The ferry ride to Batam offers a scenic journey with views of the Singapore skyline, surrounding islands, and the sea.

Ferries to Batam depart daily from both Tanah Merah and the Harbourfront ferry terminal. The Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal also provides services to Bintan, while Harbourfront Ferry Terminal serves St. John Island. Ferries leaving Singapore for Batam arrive at the Batam Centre, Harbour Bay, Nongsapura, and Sekupang ferry terminals respectively. Therefore it is important that you book the correct route at the time of ticket reservation. These ferry rides begin daily at 7:40 a.m., with the last ferry leaving at 9:50 p.m.

There are several ferry operators that provide daily trips from Singapore to Batam.

  • Batam Fast Ferry operates 15 ferries daily with 35 departure schedules, and they are one of the few ferry services that offer direct drop-offs at NongsaPura.

    Pick Up Points: Harbourfront Centre & Tanah Merah
    Drop Off Points: Batam Centre, Sekupang & Nongsapura

  • Majestic Fast Ferry is well-known for their quick, sleek, and modern-looking ferries, and they prioritise your safety to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable journey.

    Pick Up Points: Harbourfront Centre & Tanah Merah
    Drop Off Points: Batam Centre

  • Sindo Ferry is one of Singapore’s largest ferry operators, having been in the ferry business since 2011.
    Pick Up Points: Harbourfront Centre & Tanah Merah
    Drop Off Points: Batam Centre & Sekupang
  • Horizon Fast Ferry is a daily ferry service provider that operates from Singapore’s Harbourfront Centre Ferry Terminal to Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal in Batam.

When you make your reservations through, you can compare and select the best service that meets your requirements. Next time you want to take a quick day-trip for a shopping spree or a getaway for the weekend, you can book your ferry tickets to Batam.


Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall

Even if you don’t have a specific shopping list in mind, visiting the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall, one of Batam’s most popular and largest shopping centres, is not an experience you should miss out on. It is compactly designed and contains everything you could want under one roof, from restaurants serving local cuisine to numerous boutiques selling bags and leather products. It is an excellent location for purchasing the latest electronic gadgets at reasonable prices, and you can also find several retail stores selling branded items from around the world. This massive mall can be explored for an entire day, and is a great place to spend a fun day out full of entertainment as well as beauty salons to pamper yourself. Although the main language of communication is Indonesian, there are many places within the mall that provide information in English. Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall is a lovely and inviting place to shop or spend time during your visit to Batam.

Batam City Square Mall

Batam City Square Mall, also known as the BCS Mall, is another large shopping centre in Batam, comprising six floors. Each floor offers a diverse selection of items for purchase, with the goal of providing a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for those who visit this island city. BCS Mall is the place to go if you want to get your hands on a souvenir from your trip to Batam. Even though it doesn’t have many branded stores, the mall is well-known for its local stores selling handicrafts and other authentic products showcasing Indonesian culture. There are also affordable nail and hair salons, as well as numerous clothing stores where you can treat yourself. The food court is located on the third floor of the mall, and the fourth floor has a well-equipped cineplex with comfortable seats and a Dolby 7.1 sound system. There is also a duty-free liquor store within the mall where you can buy imported alcohol at low prices.

If you plan to visit this hotspot, the easiest way is to travel from Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to Harbour Bay in Batam, the closest ferry terminal to BCS mall.

Diamond City Mall

Located in a less crowded area in Batam, Diamond City Mall is a relatively older shopping destination well-known for its high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. It is commonly referred to as the DC Mall and is frequented by both residents and visitors. Despite the fact that there are numerous items available for purchase, the DC Mall is popular for its clothing and electronics stores. Clothing stores make up the majority of outlets in the shopping centre and offer a wide range of apparel, including discounted international brands and traditional Indonesian batik designs. The mall also has many stores that sell new and used computers and laptops, along with digital accessories and home appliances. It also has a supermarket and shops selling shoes, local snacks, and personal necessities. You can spend several hours shopping, bargaining, or simply strolling around the DC Mall.

Mega Mall Shopping Centre

The Mega Mall is difficult to miss because it is located directly across from the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal. This makes it the most easily accessible mall in Batam when you arrive from the Harbourfront Ferry Terminal. It is connected to the Batam Centre Ferry Terminal via an overhead bridge, making it an ideal destination to do some shopping on your arrival or finish up any last-minute pickups before you leave. The mall is densely packed with shops selling everything from household goods and decorative items to designer brands. On the top floor, you can find a spa run by a popular spa chain, and restaurants ranging from fast food to local cuisine throughout the rest of the establishment. The prices of the items sold at Mega Mall are fixed, and the stores hold regular sales during special seasonal times.

Kampung Oleh-Oleh

Kampung Oleh-Oleh in downtown Nagoya is one of the best places in Batam for souvenir and handicraft shopping. It is an excellent place for tourists to buy wallets, mini bags, batik sarongs, trinkets like key chains, and some of the most sought-after Indonesian wood carvings. There are also shops selling Indonesian desserts and sweets, as well as local handwoven items. It is a one-stop shop for purchasing mementos for your loved ones back home.


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