The Guide for Taking Lumut to KL Bus with Ekspres Kesatuan

Marina Island, Lumut

The Gateway to Pangkor Island

Lumut is one of the gateways to Pangkor Island. Therefore, many locals and tourists would usually take the bus from KL to Lumut to go to Pangkor Island. Consequently, the trips for bus from Lumut to KL also become a popular choice to return to KL. One of the popular bus operators to offer the bus service from Lumut to KL is Ekspres Kesatuan.

Going to Lumut Bus Station from Terminal Jeti

The pickup point for Ekspres Kesatuan bus from Lumut to KL is at Lumut Bus Station. The location of Lumut Bus Station is conveniently located near to the Terminal Jeti that serves ferry to Pangkor Island. Once you alight from the ferry, you can just walk for few minutes to go to the Lumut Bus Station.

Terminal Jeti
Lumut Bus Station

Boarding the Ekspres Kesatuan Bus

Once arrived at Lumut Bus Station, just show your printed booking confirmation to the driver and you can board the bus. If you arrived early and the bus has not arrived yet, you can wait at the seating area available at the bus station.

Waiting area and ticket counter
Printed booking confirmation

Ekspres Kesatuan bus from Lumut to KL

Ekspres Kesatuan bus from Lumut to KL is a single deck bus with 30 seats. There are 3 seats per row neatly arranged to provide a comfortable journey for all passengers. Air conditioner and overhead compartment are also available in Kesatuan Express bus.

Ekspres Kesatuan bus from Lumut to KL

Stops on the way to KL from Lumut

Last weekend, I got the chance to take the Ekspres Kesatuan bus to go back to KL from Lumut. I booked my bus ticket online at Ekspres Kesatuan made two stops to pick up passengers on the way to KL from Lumut. One stop was at Seri Manjung Bus Station and another stop was at Seri Iskandar. The stops only lasted for few minutes and the bus continued the journey until it stopped again at Amanjaya Bus Terminal, Ipoh.

At Amanjaya Bus Terminal, a staff boarded the bus to check the passengers’ bus tickets. Passengers can also request to go to the washroom. I showed the printed booking confirmation to the staff. After the staff finished checking for around 15 minutes, the bus was back on the road again and heading straight to TBS.

Arrival in TBS Kuala Lumpur

The journey from Lumut to KL with Ekspres Kesatuan took around 6 hours. I arrived at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) safe and sound. After thanking the bus driver, I walked out of the bus platform and looked for a local transportation to go home.

Arrival at TBS
Entering TBS

Overall, my experience of taking Lumut to KL bus with Ekspres Kesatuan was good. The seat was comfortable and the air conditioner was working well. You can book your Lumut to KL bus tickets online at offers a mobile-friendly website with various payment options to make the booking process convenient for everyone. You can easily check the bus schedule and compare ticket prices on the website.

So, plan your trip and book your bus tickets from Lumut to KL online at today!

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