Utama Express Opens Trip for Bus From Dungun and Lumut

Taking Utama Express Newly Launched Double-Deck Bus Between Dungun and Lumut

BusOnlineTicket.com is very happy to introduce Utama Express newly launched double-deck buses for their trip from Dungun to Lumut and from Lumut to Dungun. By taking Utama Express double-deck bus to Lumut, you can now use the USB charging port to charge your electronic devices during the bus journey. Book your Utama Express bus ticket online at BusOnlineTicket.com in advance to have a peace of mind that your seat is reserved before you travel.

Utama Express is one of the most reputable and influential bus operators based in Kuantan. Now, there are two types of bus owned by Utama Express; single-deck bus and double-deck bus. All the buses are fully equipped with air-conditioner and spacious seats to ensure a comfortable journey for all passengers.

Utama Express has deployed double-deck bus for trips as follows:

… and many more. Other popular destinations offered by Utama Express include Kemaman, Kuantan, and Temerloh.

The boarding point and arrival point in Dungun is located at Dungun Bus Terminal. Meanwhile, the boarding point and arrival point in Lumut and Ipoh is located at Lumut Bus Terminal and Aman Jaya Bus Terminal respectively. The price for the bus between Dungun and Lumut is RM64.50 per way while the price for bus between Dungun and Ipoh is RM56.50 per way.

Get your bus ticket at BusOnlineTicket.com and take bus to Lumut and Ipoh from Dungun with Utama Express. You can also book your bus tickets through BusOnlineTicket Mobile Apps which can be downloaded for free on App Store and Google Play. All the bookings made through BusOnlineTicket.com are instantly confirmed upon successful payment.

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