Awana Bus Terminal

Awana Bus Terminal


Awana Bus Terminal is the new bus terminal for express bus to Genting Highlands. Located around 20-30 minutes from Genting Sempah R&R, Awana Bus Terminal also offers Awana SkyWay cable car service in the same building. To go from Awana Bus Terminal to Genting Highlands, passengers have to go to Level 3 to buy Awana Skyway ticket and enjoy the ride.


Arrivals and departures for express bus in Awana Bus Terminal is in Level LG. The platforms are numbered hence the passengers can have a clear direction in which platform they have to wait for the bus. The schedule for arrivals and departures are also displayed in the waiting area, along with the platform number. Please check your tickets and make sure you board the right bus.


Awana Bus Terminal is located half-way to Genting Highlands from the base of the hill. From Awana Bus Terminal, the road starts to get tougher. Hence, express buses need to drop the passengers off at Awana Bus Terminal. There is no LRT or trains to reach Genting Highlands. Therefore, the best option to go to Genting Highlands is by bus, or by self-driving.


Awana Bus Terminal started their operation in the early of 2017. The design is still new and the amenities provided in the bus terminal are still under development. However, basic amenities such as the washroom, baby care room and handicap toilet are available. You can find the bus ticket counter at Level LG, the same level as the departures and arrivals platform.

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