Step 1 – Login to

If you do not have an account, please Sign Up and proceed to Login once the account is verified.

Step 2 – Login to Plus! account

Go to NTUC Plus! page. Click on the button “Connect to Plus!”. Wait for a pop-up to appear. Then, Login to your Plus! account.

Step 3 – Connected to Plus!

Once you successfully Log In to your Plus! account, you can now earn points and rewards by booking your tickets with

Step 4 – How to redeem LinkPoints

In payment page, you will have an option to redeem your LinkPoints. Choose how much you want to redeem and click Redeem. Upon a successful payment, your LinkPoints will automatically be deducted from your Plus! account and the system will issue an Award for your purchase.

-You are only allowed to redeem one; either LinkPoints or BOT Miles in one transaction. cannot notify you on LinkPoints deduction and the Award.