7 eleven

Payment by Cash is now available at 7 ELEVEN!!

BusOnlineTicket.com has teamed up with 7 ELEVEN (7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.) to offer this special payment options for coach and bus tickets from Malaysia to anywhere. With this option, you can now pay the tickets bill with cash at any 483 7-ELEVEN convenient store around Klang Valley without using any Credit card!

In addition to 7-ELEVEN’s 483 chain-stores around Klang Valley where clients can make payment of the bus ticket(s), best of all, customers can reserve their sits first at www.busonlineticket.com . This has brought much convenience to travelers that do not have credit card and would like to book their ticket by cash.

Instead of travelling down to the bus terminal to purchase the tickets, travelers can choose to book their ticket at Busonlineticket.com and do the payment later at any 7 ELEVEN within Kang Valley. Travel anywhere as long as the payment is in Ringgit Malaysia (RM), customer are able to pay with cash at any 7 ELEVEN within Klang Valley. (BOOKING MUST BE DONE AT Busonlineticket.com).

Customers can choose from many types of buses to suit their budgets and traveling needs, ranging from an 18-seat luxury bus with onboard entertainment to a standard 40-seat bus.

When booking a coach on BusOnlineTicket.com, clients first choose payment by 7-ELEVEN and then a payment slip will sent to your email. Once the payment slip was sent, Seats are reserved for 48 hours. Print the slip out and head over any 483 7-ELEVEN convenient stores around Klang Valley.

Once payment is done, customer will receive a receipt from the 7-ELEVEN and an email confirmation.

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