KKKL Singapore Has a New Pick Up Point at The Mines Resort

KKKL Singapore Express New Pick Up Point At The Mines Resort

KKKL Singapore Express now brings you better convenience when you travel by bus from KL to Singapore by providing more connectivity to the passengers. This is achieved by offering a new pickup point at The Mines Resort.

Of course, the route for bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is nothing new, but by offering this new pick-up location, KKKL Singapore Express enables passengers to have even more choices when choosing to travel with KKKL Singapore Express. Specifically, the new pick-up point is located near The Mines Resort and will arrive at the Textile Center in Singapore.

The price for this service is priced at S$25 for each person per trip. Furthermore, passengers should note that this exact route of bus from KL to Singapore with the pick-up point at The Mines Resort, is currently only available at one scheduled timing of 3:30pm daily. However, this new pick-up point provides an added advantage to KKKL Singapore Express passengers going for this route because The Mines Resort is also within walking distance of one of the most well-known shopping joints around KL: The Mines Shopping Centre.

Previously, The Mines Shopping Centre was known as Mines Shopping Fair, but was then transformed into a contemporary shopping mall with additional retail spaces and link bridges – giving the place a more sophisticated look. Currently, The Mines Shopping Centre offers an extensive entertainment and amusement hub for people of all ages. From cinemas and bowling centres, to arcades and the newly developed rooftop Splash Park, which is basically a wet playground area for children.

Apart from entertainment, The Mines Shopping Centre is also known for the retail shops available that reflects some of the latest fashion styles of today, with brands like Uniqlo, Hush Puppies, Carlo Rino, Echo Park and Dr. Cardin, among others. But that’s not all. There’s also a whole lot of variety in terms of food and beverages that are available here. Some of them include Auntie Anne’s, Nando’s, Sakae Suchi, Kenny Rogers Roasters and so much more!

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