Mersing and Tanjung Gemok Ferry Schedule


Tioman Island is accessible by boat services Discovery Tours and Travel from Mersing/Tg. Gemok in Johor.
Mersing, is a bustling town famous for its large fishing fleet while Tg.Gemok used by guests going to Tioman.The local population are friendly to visitors to the island. Much of Tioman’s charm comes from the warmth and hospitality extended to guests. The ferry trip takes approximately one and a half or two hours.

The drop off points in Tioman Island are Kampung Genting Jetty , Kampung Paya Jetty , Tekek Jetty , Kampung Air Batang Jetty , Panuba Bay Jetty and Kampung Salang Jetty.

Mersing Ferry Schedule

Mersing ⇋ Tioman Island:

Tanjung Gemok Ferry Schedule

Tanjung Gemok ⇋ Tioman Island: