Super Saver! KKKL Express Offers RM 9 Bus Ticket Between Kuala Lumpur and Penang

Hey everyone, it’s time to enjoy Super Saver with BusOnlineTicket! is excited to be exclusively partnered with KKKL Express to offer RM 9 bus ticket for bus between Kuala Lumpur and Penang on!

For those who has signed up and got the code during promo period from 13 July 2019 to 7 August 2019, you can now redeem your RM9 bus ticket for bus from Kuala Lumpur to Penang OR bus from Penang to Kuala Lumpur. The normal ticket fare is RM 39 per way, and you can save up to RM 30! Please note that redemption is only eligible for those who have the promo code given out during the promo period. Meanwhile, for redemption, the booking and travelling period is valid between 13 August 2019 and 12 September 2019 only. Limited seats available.

Promotion Period : 13 July-7 August 2019
Redemption Period : 13 August-12 September 2019

How Do I Redeem This Offer?

Step 1 – Search

Fill in the field as below:-
Depart From‘ : Kuala Lumpur OR Penang
Arrive To‘ : Penang OR Kuala Lumpur
Departure Date‘ : Any date between 13 Aug – 12 Sept 2019
Then, click on ‘Search Buses‘ button.

Step 2 – Select

Select ‘KKKL Express‘ and choose your preferred time and seats.

Step 3 – Details

Fill in passenger full name, mobile number, passport number and email address. Please remember to key in discount code and click ‘Apply‘ before you make payment.

Step 4 – Payment

Select your preferred payment method and click “Proceed to Payment” button to complete your purchase.

Upon successful payment, you should receive booking confirmation sent to your email within 30 minutes.

* If you do not receive booking confirmation email within 30 minutes, kindly contact us via email and send to