How to Pay with SingPost SAM Machine

Step 1 – Find SAM Machine

Click to find SAM Machine nearby your location.

Step 2 – Find in SAM Machine

Once you see the SAM Machine Home screen, choose “Pay Bills”. Next, choose “Travel”. Then, choose “Bus Online”.

Step 3 – Key-in Booking Reference Number

The screen will then ask if you want to “Book and Pay” or make “Payment”. Choose “Payment”.

After that, please key-in your Booking Reference No as requested. You can get your Booking Reference No from the BILL provided by

The screen will then display your payment details. Once you confirmed all the details are correct. Click “Done”.

Step 4 – Details

Note: You need to make payment within 24 hours after booking online. If you have exceeded the cut-off period, please DO NOT make any payment as your booking has expired. If not, please proceed to choose “OK”.

Confirm your Payment Summary is correct, then choose “Pay”. After that, insert your SingPost card to make the payment.

Step 5 – Get the receipt

Upon a successful payment, you will receive a receipt. Keep the receipt as a record for your payment. Booking confirmation will be sent to your email within 24 hours. Done! You can now begin your journey.