ETS Train to Taiping

ETS Train to Taiping

Taiping is not a touristy town. However, ETS train to Taiping is a popular choice among locals to go back to their hometown. Since Taiping do not have any airport, train and bus are the only options left to travel to Taiping. There are not many buses to Taiping and since taking ETS train to Taiping is more comfortable, many prefer ETS train to bus.

In fact, Taiping has its own attractions and unique point. Due to the frequent rainfall and the location of the town at the foothill of Bukit Larut, the weather in Taiping is not too hot like other towns in Malaysia. The tranquility and the peaceful environment that Taiping has to offer are perfect for a short healing getaway on weekend.

In addition, MRSM Taiping students also use ETS train to Taiping to go back to their MRSM. It is convenient because Taiping train station is located nearby MRSM Taiping.

ETS Gold and ETS Platinum

There are two ticket types available for ETS train to Taiping:

ETS Gold – more stops, hence taking slightly longer time compared to ETS Platinum
ETS Platinum – less stops, taking slightly shorter time and complimentary snacks served on board

Different ticket types have different price and slightly different trip duration.
ETS Silver is only available for KL Sentral-Ipoh-KL Sentral route and cannot reach Taiping.

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Taiping Railway Station

Actually, the first railway station in Malaysia was situated in Taiping and was opened in 1885. The train station later was dismantled and replaced with the second train station in Taiping which was relocated to Jalan Stesen.

Afterward, the third train station was built next to the second train station as part of a train service-upgrading project in 2014 and currently operating to serve the train passengers. The new train station is in a good condition and equipped with better facilities for the convenience of the passengers.

Unfortunately, since Taiping is not a tourist spot, the public transportation options is not much. There are taxies but it could be hard to get one. Try to ask for help from the locals or the train ticket counter if you are not from Taiping. Usually, the locals who travel to Taiping would have someone to pick them up from the train station.

ETS Train Facilities

The train is comfortable and suitable to facilitate senior citizens and OKU.

Passengers can find F&B bar in coach C to get some food or drinks with reasonable price.

Toilet is in coach B & E.