ETS Train to Ipoh

Train to Ipoh

Ipoh is the capital city of Perak, one of the popular and touristy cities in Malaysia. Attractions in Ipoh include the Lost World of Tambun Theme Park and the newly built MAPS Perak. As a result, the ETS train to Ipoh is a very popular mode of transportation among tourists for its excellent condition and affordable prices.

Besides being popular among tourists, locals from Ipoh also use the ETS train service to travel back and forth on weekend from their college or workplace to their hometown. Therefore, passengers would book their ETS train tickets in advance to secure their seats, especially during festive season.

ETS Silver, ETS Gold and ETS Platinum

There are three types of ETS train to Ipoh:

  • ETS Silver – stop at all stops, hence taking a longer time
  • ETS Gold – have less stops compared to ETS Silver, have more stops compared to ETS Platinum
  • ETS Platinum – have the least stops, taking slightly lesser time and complimentary snacks is served on board
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KTM Ipoh Train Station

KTM Ipoh train station, or Ipoh Railway Station, is located at the city center of Ipoh nearby the state mosque. The building itself is one of the precious heritage remaining from the colonial area built by the British. You will find many visitors coming to the train station for pictures and admiring the beautiful architecture.

There will be taxi service available to take you to your next destination once you reach the train station. Alternatively, you can walk around 5-10 minutes to the Medan Kidd Bus Station to take local buses.

ETS Train Facilities

The train is comfortable and suitable to facilitate senior citizens and OKU or handicap.

Passengers can find F&B bar in coach C to get some food or drinks with reasonable price.

Toilets are in coach B & E. Handicap toilet is in coach D.

Muslims can also find a Musolla in coach C right beside the F&B bar.