ETS Train from KL to Sungai Petani

KL to Sungai Petani ETS Train

ETS Train from KL to Sungai Petani

ETS train from KL to Sungai Petani is particularly popular among university students and working adults to travel back to their hometown during weekends and public holidays. Taking KL to Sungai Petani ETS train offers more comfort and takes shorter time compared to taking bus. Moreover, the closest airport is located in Penang which is around 1-1.5 hours driving distance away from Sungai Petani and flight tickets are more expensive if without promotion. Hence, taking ETS train from KL to Sungai Petani is the preferred way to go to Sungai Petani from KL.

Tickets Fare for ETS Train from KL to Sungai Petani

The price for ETS train from KL to Sungai Petani depends on the type of train ticket that you choose. Below is the list of ticket type, ETS ticket price and the duration for train from KL to Sungai Petani available for online booking at

Ticket Type Est. Duration Price
Gold 4h 20m RM62 Book
5h 20m RM66 Book
Platinum 4h 10m RM82 Book
* Duration might not be accurate and is only for your reference. Changes to fares are at the discretion of the KTM/ETS operators.

ETS Gold and ETS Platinum

ETS Gold – takes longer time because the train stops on more stops
ETS Platinum – takes slightly shorter time and stops only in major train station, complimentary snacks is served on board

ETS Train Schedule for ETS from KL to Sungai Petani

Click here to check the schedule for ETS train from KL to Sungai Petani, effective from 18 December 2017.

Please click on the timetable for better view.

ETS Schedule KL to Sungai Petani – 18 December 2017

* Stations displayed in schedule are stops for this route only and does not include all other available stations.

Departure Point – KL Sentral Kuala Lumpur

KL Sentral is one of the transportation hubs in Kuala Lumpur, connecting local transportation coming from many other directions of the city. You can easily go to KL Sentral by KTM trains, LRT, MRT, Monorail, RapidKL buses, KLIA Transit, KLIA Express or taxis. The building is equipped with complete facilities such as washroom, ATM machines, information counter, prayer room and many options of fast food restaurants.

Temporary Platform Gate C
Additional Note:

Usually, the boarding platform for ETS train in KL Sentral is at the 2nd Floor. However, recently the boarding platform is changed to the same entrance as the KTM Komuter and the passengers need to proceed to Gate C to ETS Platform.

Please note that it is supposed to be only a temporary platform. You can check with the counter for a more accurate information.

Info updated on June, 2016.

Arrival Point – KTM Sungai Petani Train Station

Sungai Petani Train Station is located in the center of the town. The building was rebuilt with better facilities and began operating in 2014. Moreover, you can find restaurants and few other shops opposite of the train station upon arrival. The closest hotel is located in front of the train station too, named Hotel Seri Malaysia.

Additionally, Sungai Petani Bus Station is just within 5-10 minutes walking distance from the train station. Just turn right once you walked out of the train station and look for UTC building. The locals also call the bus station as Ukir Square Bus Terminal.

ETS Train Facilities

The train is comfortable and suitable to facilitate all passengers including senior citizens and the disabled.

Passengers can find F&B bar in coach C to get some food or drinks with reasonable price.

Toilets are in coaches B & E. Handicap toilet is in coach D.

Muslims can also find a Musolla in coach C right beside the F&B bar.


KL to Sungai Petani ETS train is one of the popular train routes in Malaysia so we advise you to book your train tickets in advance online. Secure your train ticket by booking online at is easy with various secure payment options such as credit cards, internet banking and many more. You will receive booking confirmation sent to your email upon a successful payment.

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