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Butterworth is a large part of Penang that is names after William John Butterworth, the Governor of the Straits Settlements from 1843 to 1855. Butterworth, nicknamed as “Bagan” (meaning jetty), is surrounded by a number of interesting places.

Some of those places include:


One of the most preferred method of traveling to this coastal city is by taking a train or bus to Butterworth. However, considering the amount of time it takes between a train or a bus, most travelers would rather settle for the bus to Butterworth, since it is much cheaper, faster and more comfortable.

The main bus terminal is the Butterworth Bus Terminal, where most of the bus to Btterworth usually departs from and arrives to. Located at Jalan Bagan Dalam, the Butterworth Bus Terminal is a mere 3 to 5-minute walk to the jetty that gives passengers access to get across the water by ferry.

The bus terminal is also located right next to the new Butterworth Railway Station, which provides even more convenience for the passengers. Apart from that, Butterworth is also said to become an integrated transport hub that will be called Penang Sentral.

Pick-up and Drop Off Points for the Bus to Butterworth
Since the Butterworth Bus Terminal is the main express bus terminal in Butterworth, most bus operators will make pick-ups and drop offs at that location. Some of those bus operators include Konsortium Bas Ekspress, Seasons Express, KPB Express, Kejora Express, Mara Liner and more.

Some other popular pick-up and drop off points for the bus to Butterworth also includes:

Famous Hot Spots
Penang Bird Park, Prai River Bridge, Taman Selat Rope Walk, Bersih Beach, Air Hitam Dalam Educational Forest and more.

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