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Lang Tengah Island to Jetty Merang Ferry Guide

Quick Information
Route :  Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty
Service :  Al Ameen Boat Service
 Vigourmarine Boat Services
Jetty :  Lang Tengah Jetty
Trip :  Al Ameen Boat Service - 3 trips daily
 Vigourmarine Boat Services - 3 trips
Fares :  Adult - RM60 each way
 Children - RM30 - RM60 each way

Ferry Service with

For now on, the ferry service from Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty is provided by 2 ferry operators.

One of the ferry operators serving ferry from Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty is Al Ameen Boat Service. It is one of the ferry operators based in Terengganu, Malaysia. For the routes from Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty and vice versa, passengers will get to ride on the speedy vessels for this route with the operator.

Apart from that, Vigourmarine Boat Service is another ferry operator offering ferry to Mersing Jetty from Lang Tengah Island. This company owns more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry although they only joined the sea transportation service industry in 2018. Other than that, the company also placed a lot of hard work in ensuring the customers' safety and making sure that they can have an enjoyable ride to their destination.

With the convenience brought by and BusOnlineTicket mobile apps, you can now easily book your ferry tickets to Merang Jetty online!

Duration, Schedule and Ticket Price for Ferry from Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty

The estimated duration for the ferry to travel from Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty is around 45 minutes, vary depending on the weather and the tidal conditions.

For Al Ameen Boat Services, there are 3 trips provided daily, starting from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The departure time for the ferries are:

- 9:00 AM

- 12:00 AM

- 4:00 PM

As for Vigourmarine Boat Services, it does not provide ferry services on daily basis. When the operator is providing ferry services, the ferries will depart at:

- 9:00 AM

- 12:00 AM

- 4:00 PM

Usually, the ticket price is charged at RM60 per pax. However, some operators also charge Adult and Child ticket price differently. You can check the ticket price easily on!

Pick up and Drop off Point

For ferry from Lang Tengah Island to Merang Jetty, visitors will depart from Lang Tengah Jetty. Visitors should take note that there are no facilities available at the Lang Tengah Jetty as the the jetty only serves as departure and arrival point.

The drop-off point will be at Merang Jetty which is located at the edge of Merang River.  Visitors can find benches for to rest at the sheltered waiting area, washrooms and parking lots at this Jetty.

Lang Tengah Island

Lang Tengah Island is an island in Terengganu, Malaysia that lays between the popular tourist destination Perhentian Island and Redang Island. The island is an ideal getaway for the travelers to unwind from their busy daily life. The island is smaller and less commercialized as compared to Perhentian and Redang Island. Hence, less visitors visiting the island, making the environment to be more relaxing and peaceful. As for the activities that can be done on the island, lots of people enjoy diving and snorkeling on this island.