Travelling Experience Taking ETS Gold Train from KL to Alor Setar

ETS Train from KL to Alor Setar in KTM Alor Setar

Booking ETS Train Ticket Online

Mid-semester break was just in 2 weeks when my head was hectic with the class schedule, assignments and group projects. Mom had made it her duty to call me every day to check on whether if I have bought the bus or train ticket to go back home for the break. But I just did not have the time to go to the bus or train station to buy the ticket with my busy schedule.

Thankfully, Yana introduced me to an online booking portal to book bus and train tickets in Malaysia. I never knew such service exist but totally made my life easier!

I decided to take the train from KL to Alor Setar and booked my ticket online at I could view the schedule, the ticket price and choose based on the departure time that I want.

Upon a successful payment, they right away sent the booking confirmation to my email. I printed the e-ticket sent to my email and brought the printed ticket to the departure point. Apart from the smooth booking process, I also saved the time and cost to go to the train station to buy the ticket.

Going to the ETS Train Departure Point, KL Sentral

The ETS train departure point from KL was at KL Sentral. Since I am studying in Universiti Malaya, going to KL Sentral was easy via LRT. I planned the trip to arrive 30 minutes before the departure time as advised. Once I reached KL Sentral, I went to the ticket counter to confirm about the ticket I received.

ETS Train E-Ticket KL to Alor Setar

I booked the ETS Gold train ticket from KL Sentral to Alor Setar. The ticket price was RM 70 for adult. The coach and the seat number were assigned on the ticket.

There was no need to exchange the e-ticket to a real ticket. This means, I can just board the train with this printed version of mine.

The time for the gate to open printed on my ticket was at 9.39AM. Since I had some time left, I went to grab some breakfast before I started my journey.

Facilities in KL Sentral

KL Sentral offers many choices for food and there are convenience stores as well if you need anything. ATM machines were installed in the building if you run out of money.

On top of that, KL Sentral is connected to the Nu Sentral shopping mall so you can walk around if you have time before your departure time.

In addition, toilet entrance are free and there are prayer rooms provided for the convenience of the Muslims.

ETS Temporary Departure Gate at KL Sentral

I heard that the original ETS departure gate is on the second floor of KL Sentral, opposite of KFC. However, the structure was under maintenance so the departure gate has changed to Gate C, which was located at KTM departure gate on the first floor, just beside McDonald.

Board informing temporary departure gate at KL Sental
ETS departure gate beside McDonald

However, if you came early they would advise you to wait at the ETS waiting area on the second floor. When your train boarding time approach, the staff will guide and direct you to the gate.

ETS Waiting Area in KL Sentral
ETS departure gate display screen

You can only enter the departure gate when your train number is displayed on the screen (see the second picture above), which means your train departure time is near. This is to avoid overcrowding at the platform. I showed my ticket to the staff on duty and passed the gate smoothly before going down the stairs to the train platform.

Note: If the stairs is not convenient for you, there is a lift you can use to go down to the departure platform.

ETS Train Platform in KL Sentral

The platform has labels on the floor for the train coaches so the passengers can wait at the right platform according to the information on their ticket. My seat was assigned in coach A so I had to walk more to the left after the staircase.

Labels on ETS Platform
Waiting area on ETS Platform KL Sentral

Passengers can get the information on the train arrival status from the display screens at the platform. Finally, the train to Alor Setar arrived on-time and I board the train without any problem.

ETS Gold Train from KL to Alor Setar

Finding the seat was easy because there were labels on top of the seat, complete with the arrangement whether you get the window seat or the aisle seat. Some of the seats were arranged facing the direction that the train was heading while some other seats were arranged on the opposite direction.

Regardless, the seat was comfortable and spacious and the trip was a pleasant experience.

Seat Labels in ETS Train
ETS Train Interior
ETS Train table seats
ETS Train Interior

Facilities in the ETS Gold Train

As the train started to move to the next stop, a voice from the speaker started to inform the passengers about the train’s next destination and the facilities provided on the train. Below is the summary:

  • Toilets – Coach B & E
  • Handicap Toilet – Coach D
  • F&B Bar – Coach C
  • Prayer room – Coach C


We had a week off for the mid-semester break so I had quite a large luggage I brought home with me. However, this is not a problem because the ETS train has provided spaces for the passengers to store their luggage while on the journey.

You can keep the small backpacks in the overhead compartment. Meanwhile, larger bags and luggage can be kept at the provided area available in every coach.

Over head compartment in ETS train
Luggage space in ETS train

Make sure you keep your wheeled luggage locked to avoid it from moving.

ETS Ticket Checking by the Staff

While on the journey, the train staff will go through seat by seat and check your train tickets validity.

Boarding the train without a valid ticket will cost you a surcharge by the KTMB. I showed my e-ticket and he chopped the ticket with a cute image.

Once my ticket was checked, I watch the show that was shown in the LCD TV on the train. After a while, I dozed off to the dreamland.

Ticket Checked by the Staff

Arrival in KTM Alor Setar

Finally, after around 4 hours and 30 minutes, the train arrived in KTM Alor Setar Train Station at 2.30PM. Nonethelss, the train trip was a comfortable experience and I slept good while on the journey.

KTM Alor Setar Arrival Platform
KTM Alor Setar Interior

Extra tips: Since the train trip from KL to Alor Setar takes a long time, it gets cold from the air conditioner after a while, so bring your sweater with you.

It felt so good to be back at home. Seeing that now that I know I can book the train tickets online, traveling between KL and Alor Setar is so much better and hassle-free!

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