Travel Guide from Penang to Langkawi Island with Super Fast Ferry

After staying 3 days in the street food paradise, Penang, we decided last minutes to go to the beach, and then Langkawi Island came into our mind. Upon leaving Penang, we booked our ferry tickets from Penang to Langkawi via

Below is the summary of our journey:

1) Check-in at Super Fast Ferry Counter
2) Board ferry from Penang to Langkawi
3) Arrival in Langkawi Jetty

Check-in at Super Fast Ferry Counter

We arrived 30 minutes in advance to exchange our e-ticket to boarding pass at Super Fast Ferry office.

Super Fast Ferry Counter

Super Fast Ferry boarding pass

After we got our boarding pass, we proceeded to Penang Jetty Terminal to check in at the check-in counter there. Please note that passengers are advised to check in 30 minutes in advance, as encouraged.

Penang Jetty Terminal Entrance and Exit

Ferry Check in Counter

In the ferry terminal, there was a tourist guide available nearby the car parking lot area.

Tourist guide in Penang Jetty Terminal

View beside Penang Jetty Terminal

Board ferry from Penang to Langkawi

After waiting for 30 minutes in the ferry terminal, the ferry to Langkawi Island arrived in the terminal. I quickly boarded the ferry after my ticket is verified by the staff.

Walkway to ferry

Super Fast Ferry at the Jetty

The ferry from Penang to Langkawi Island came with two tiers. The ferry was comfortable with spacious seats and legroom and fully-equipped with air-conditioner. Inside the ferry, there were many facilities available such as TV for entertainment purpose, toilet facilities, life jackets, and luggage compartment. Moreover, there were snack and food for the passengers to purchase in the ferry as well.

Super Fast Ferry Seats

Super Fast Ferry Interior

On the way to Langkawi Island, the ferry stopped at Payar Island. The ferry stopped at the jetty in Payar Island for about 20 minutes to pick-up and drop-off the passengers.

Arrival in Jetty Langkawi Island

After travelling by sea to Langkawi Island from Penang for around 4 hours, we finally arrived at Langkawi jetty. I quickly got off the ferry and can’t wait to explore this beautiful island already.

Arrival Hall in Langkawi

Langkawi Jetty

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