Take a Trip to Hat Yai with Alisan Golden Coach

Hat Yai Attraction

Hat Yai is one of the travel destinations that are famous among Malaysians. When it comes to public holidays and school holidays, lots of people, including families and group travellers, will visit Hat Yai for its nice street food, its breathtaking scenery, and also for a unique shopping experience. From massive statues and beautiful architectures to idyllic lakes and bustling markets, there is just so much to see and do in Hat Yai that will surely satisfy the travel-enthusiast in you.

Since we had just finished our final semester, my friends and I were planning to travel to Hat Yai as our pre-graduation trip. We wanted to have the best final memories of our student life together! Before we went, we searched around for information and found out that taking a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai is the more cost-saving option compared to taking a flight, especially for those like us who plan the trip at the very last minute. Therefore, we came to an agreement to take a bus to Hat Yai.

Purchase Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai Bus Ticket Online

Thanks to today's innovative technology, purchasing a bus ticket has never been easier. We booked our bus tickets through BusOnlineTicket.com which is a one-stop ticket booking portal in Malaysia. From this website, we can easily compare ticket prices, departure times and types of buses offered by different bus operators.

Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai

After some research, we decided to purchase Alisan Golden Coach bus tickets that were scheduled for departure at 11:00 pm. Alisan is an express bus company in Malaysia and is also well-known for serving the Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai route. The ticket price was charged at RM70.00 per person per way, but it also depends on the type of bus that you choose. Once we made the payment, we received a booking confirmation email from BusOnlineTicket.

(*Please note that we are advised to print the booking confirmation email to get the boarding pass ticket before we board the bus.)

Departure Point – Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)

Alisan Golden Coach offers several departure points including Desa Complex Kepong, Hentian Duta Bus Terminal, and TBS. However, we selected the bus that departed from TBS as it was the most convenient departure point for us.

Terminal Bersepadu Selatan TBS

Once we arrived at TBS, we headed towards the ticket counter to get our boarding passes. The entire process was very easy. All we needed to do was simply hand over the printed booking confirmation email to the staff. After the verification, the staff then gave us the boarding passes needed to board the bus. It's easy, right?

BOT Booking Confirmation
Boarding Pass

With the boarding passes in our hands, we went to the departure hall and waited for the bus. We felt quite comfortable in the hall which was spacious and fully air-conditioned. The bus arrived on time and we queued up for ticket verification just like boarding a plane, XD.

TBS Departure Hall
Ticket Verification

Alisan Golden Coach Bus

Look! This Alisan bus uses pink colour for its exterior design, it looks sweet and cute. We placed our luggage in the luggage compartment and safely boarded the bus. To our pleasant surprise, Alisan also prepared a blanket for each passenger. This is useful since it can get very cold at night.

(Note: You are also advised to bring a sweater or jacket especially when you take the night bus.)

Alisan Golden Coach
Alisan Bus Inner View

Just like a typical express bus, Alisan bus is also equipped with air conditioners and spacious seats. Besides that, the bus also provides USB Ports, plug sockets and WiFi to all the passengers. So, we can surf the internet and stay connected during the journey to Hat Yai. Very convenient!

Plug Socket
WiFi on board

Once all the passengers had boarded the bus, it finally departed from TBS. Yeah! We were starting to feel excited about travelling to Hat Yai!

Second Pick Up Point at Hentian Duta Bus Terminal

Before heading to Hat Yai, the bus dropped by Hentian Duta Bus Terminal to pick up the remaining passengers. It didn't take long and by 11:30 pm, the bus left the bus terminal and was finally on its way to Hat Yai.

Rest Stop before Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint

After the departure from Hentian Duta Bus Terminal, we travelled for around 6 hours before reaching a rest stop. At the rest stop, passengers can have a toilet break and some light snacks before resuming the journey to Hat Yai. Please forgive us for not taking any photos of the rest stop since we slept comfortably throughout the whole journey.

Besides that, the bus driver collected our passports and helped us to fill up Thailand Immigration Arrival/Departure Cards. The bus continued the journey after returning the passports and Thailand Immigration Arrival/Departure Cards to all the passengers.

Immigration clearance at Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint and Sadao Checkpoint

The bus took one hour to reach Bukit Kayu Hitam Checkpoint at 6:30 am. All passengers needed to get down from the bus and queue up for immigration clearance. We were so surprised to see so many people at the early hour of 6:30 am, even though it was neither a school holiday or a public holiday on the day we travelled. The immigration clearance process took us 15-20 minutes.

Immigration checkpoint bukit kayu hitam

After that, we boarded the bus and next headed towards Sadao Checkpoint. Once we arrived at the Checkpoint, we went to the immigration counter for the second immigration clearance. After completing all the process, we went to the washroom, which charged us RM1.00/person or THB5/person. Of course, it will be more cost-saving to pay in Thai baht which is only RM0.65sen based on the exchange rate at that time.

Note: Passengers are advised to bring all your belongings with you all the time during the immigration clearance process because bus operators will not be responsible for any loss of your luggage or belongings.

Arrival Point – Alisan Golden Coach office, Hat Yai

Once all the passengers had once again boarded the bus, the bus continued its journey to the final destination – Hat Yai. As we entered the city, we started to enjoy the road scenery and the view of Hat Yai City in the early morning. The journey from customs to Alisan Golden Coach office in Hat Yai took around half an hour only. Yeah! Finally, we arrived in Hat Yai, and the whole journey from KL to Hat Yai took around 9 hours.

Alisan Golden Coach Office HatYai
Alisan Golden Coach Office HatYai 2

Our Trip in Hat Yai

We were so hungry after the long journey, so we planned to have our breakfast at 7-Eleven. Do you know that 7-Eleven is one of the must-visit places in Thailand? Compared to the 7-Eleven stores in Malaysia, theirs provide a wide variety of food at reasonable prices. We were so excited to shop at 7-Eleven in Hat Yai, and bought our breakfast from the store too.

7 Eleven nearby Alisan Office
Sandwiches in 7 Eleven

After having breakfast, we took a ride on tuk-tuk to visit Hat Yai Municipal Park. Here are some of the photos!

Tuk Tuk
Hat Yai Municipal Park
Cable Car Hat Yai
Hat Yai Municipal Park 2
Name: Hat Yai Municipal Park
Address: Kanchanawanit Road, Hat Yai, Thailand

The gigantic Buddha statues were very impressive! Besides Hat Yai Municipal Park, there are still many attractions and must-visit places that you should go to in Hat Yai such as Central Festival Mall, Asean Night Bazaar, Makro Supermarket, Hat Yai Floating Market, Greenway Night Market, and so many others. My friends and I had a very nice time in Hat Yai, and will surely look forward to visiting again in the future. Hey, maybe we can go again for our reunion trip? See you next time!

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