Shortest Train Trip From Johor Bahru to Singapore

The Bridge from Window View In JB to Singapore Train

Let's Go On An Adventure!

It was a fine Saturday morning, I sat in comfy on my favourite couch, sipping in my daily coffee and scrolling down my Instagram feed. I came across one of my friend’s newly posted picture, throwback from when she went to the Garden by the Bay in Singapore last months.

I had been there before but it has been a while since I last visited that country, despite the fact that the country sits just beside mine and I only need a little bit more of willpower to drive and cross the bridge that connects Malaysia to The Lion City.

I had been thinking about going to Singapore since last week. On top of that, to add a little bit of a “This feels like an adventure!” feel, I decided to take the train instead of driving. Therefore, I booked my train ticket online with last Thursday. After preparing, I head out to the JB Sentral Railway Station to begin my journey.

JB Sentral Railway Station

JB Sentral Railway Station is conveniently located beside JB Sentral Bus Terminal. Due to this strategic location, the station and the bus terminal were quite busy with people. KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) is the company that provides the train trip from Johor Bahru to Singapore. Once I reached there, I headed to the KTM Ticket Counter to exchange for my train ticket.

Get the tickets!

There were two queues at the KTM Ticket Counter; left side is to buy tickets for current departure and the right side is to buy tickets for future departure. The queue I was in was not so long since it was a weekend and off-peak time. I supposed normally the queue would be long especially on working days.

KTM Ticket Counter in JB Sentral

Train Ticket from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ

I exchanged for the train ticket at the counter and finally got the train ticket in my hand. The price for the train ticket from Johor Bahru to Singapore only cost RM5 and going back from Singapore to Johor Bahru will cost SG$5. And the duration for the trip is only 5 minutes!

Gate A to Singapore

I look around to see where I should go next. Fortunately, there were directions given on a bulletin board. Since the train from Johor Bahru is heading two ways, to the north and to the south, there are two different gates for different destinations. Gate A is for the train heading to the south and Gate B is for the train heading to the north.

Direction to Gate A

JB Sentral Gate A and Gate B

There was a reminder on the board saying that the gate for ticket checking will be closed 5 minutes before departure time. Therefore, passengers are advised to reach the train departure platform 5 to 10 minutes early. Please note, it was quite a distance to walk to the departure platform. In addition, you will need to go through custom and immigration clearance process too.

Following the direction, I walked and head down via the escalator and proceed to the custom and immigration counter.

Escalator Going Down to Custom and Immigration in JB Sentral

Custom and Immigration Checkpoint in JB Sentral

The Shuttle Train from JB Sentral to Woodlands CIQ

Once everything is cleared and settled, I followed the path directed to go to the departure platform. Enjoy another escalator ride! Descending to the platform, I saw the train and the not-so-crowded floor to my relief. Quite glad I picked the right time to have an impromptu trip to Singapore or else I might have to cram with everyone.

Going to Train Platform in JB Sentral

KTM Shuttle Train from Johor Bahru to Singapore

As my feet step inside the train, the refreshing temperature of the air conditioner welcomed me with a pleasant feeling. There was seat number written on the ticket but you will find no such number in any seat. This 5 minutes shuttle train is actually a free seating train and you can sit wherever you want. Even if you do not get any seat, 5 minutes standing is not too much.

The seats are just like any other KTM train. They are spacious and comfortable enough for a 5 minutes train ride. I always enjoyed looking out the window and you can see the bridge that is usually packed with cars. The traffic jam on this bridge could go on for hours! But hey, look at the blue sky. I was glad to see the good weather as I can go on with my little adventure without worry.

Seats in KTM Shuttle Train from JB to Singapore

The Bridge from Window View In JB to Singapore Train

I felt quite excited for the trip. The little adventure I was having was going surprisingly smooth.

Arrival in Woodlands CIQ

5 minutes is up! I finally reached my destination! I sat comfortably and waited for the train to stop completely before I stepped out of the train to the arrival platform in Woodlands, or more specifically Woodlands CIQ. Woodlands CIQ is actually Woodlands Train Checkpoint for all train commuters that travel between Johor Bahru and Singapore. All travellers need to clear the custom and immigration here.

Train Platform in Woodlands CIQ

People in the Train Platform in Woodlands CIQ

Below is the checkpoint for custom and immigration clearance in Woodlands. Once I am done with the processes, I followed the path to the go to the exit. The queue was not so long since it was an off peak season, thankfully.

Custom and Immigaration Checkpoint in Woodlands CIQ

Heading to Bag Scanner

Going further, I had to pass through a bag scanner checkpoint. Make sure you do not bring anything illegal! Or else you might get stuck here and delay your journey. Upon completing the bag scanner checkpoint, I took an escalator going up to exit the building.

Bag Scanner in Woodlands CIQ

Going out from Woodlands CIQ

Travel from Woodlands CIQ

Heading out from Woodlands CIQ, there are two travel options to go to the next destination. You can take a taxi or you can opt for SMRT buses and get to the MRT Station, which will cost you less compared to a taxi. I planned to take the bus so I walked for about 5 minutes to get to Woodlands Centre Road where the bus stops are located.

Woodlands CIQ Bus Tips

To go to Woodlands MRT Station located next to the Woodland Temporary Bus Interchange in Woodlands square, you can take one SMRT buses either number 903, 913 or 950.

Meanwhile, to get to Marsiling MRT Station; the closest MRT Station from the checkpoint, you can take SMRT bus 950.

On the other hand, to get to Kranji MRT Station, you have to take SBS Transit bus 170.

I planned to visit many places and Gardens by the Bay surely was one of them. So, I put my shades on and ready to embark on a little adventurous journey on my own. Are you planning to travel soon? Happy travelling!