Petronas Twin Towers – The Landmark of Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

Standing with pride, the 88-storey and 451.9 meters tall PETRONAS twin towers are true landmarks of Kuala Lumpur. The towers reflect Mahathir Muhammad's vision of making Malaysia a global player. Designed by Argentine architect Cesar Peilli, the charismatic towers astounds tourists with majestic beauty during the day and dazzles the souls at night. On your visit to Malaysia, you must book your online bus ticket to reach this amazing destination.

Petronas towers were planned in 1992. After rigorous tests and simulations, its excavation was started in 1993. After 7 years of construction, the towers were officially opened on 1st August 1999, by Mahathir Muhammad, Malaysia's Prime minister. Till 2004, it retained the record of world's tallest building until the construction of Tapei (China) completed in 2004. However, the record of tallest twin towers still lies with it.

Petronas towers are true 21-century icon that feature post modern design with rich Malaysian cultural and Islamic arts & motifs designs. The office space in Tower one is in use by Petronas (Malaysia oil and gas fortune 500 company) and its associated companies & subsidiaries. The office space in tower two is occupied by world's largest companies such as Microsoft, Bloomberg, IBM, Al Jazeera English and Reuters, etc.


There is a Double-Decker Skybridge that connects the two towers on 41st and 42nd floor. The bridge slides in and out of towers to avoid breakage. It also serves to provide safety when in high winds the towers sway in and away from each other. Similarly in the case of some emergency such as fire in one tower, the tower can be evacuated through the bridge. The bridge weighs 750 tons and is 58 meter long and at the height of 170 meter from the ground. The Skybridge can be visited by all tourists but the tickets are limited to 1000 people per day. The tickets are given on first come and first serve basis.

Visit Petronas Towers

Visiting Petronas towers is indeed a rewarding experience. The towers hold unlimited attractions for tourists. There is an interactive display that tells the story of the tower from idea to completion. You can take breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur as high as from 86th floor or also from the bridge. You can shop around Suria KLCC Mall, jog through beautifully landscaped park, enjoy variety of food and entertain yourself with orchestra.

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