Trip to Malaysia – Bus to Genting Highlands from KLIA2


Last June, my friends and I finally got the chance to spend time together after everyone has started working. We decided to travel to Malaysia and have planned for the trip a few months before. After researching about the country, we found out that we actually can book bus, train and ferry tickets in Malaysia online. Splendid!

Booking on was so easy and convenient we ended up using the website to book our bus and train tickets for all other trips in the country as well. Now, let me share my experience of taking the bus from KLIA2 to Genting Highlands.

Arrival in KLIA2

We arrived in KLIA2 in the morning, around 8AM. After claiming our luggage and passed the customs, we followed the direction to go to the coach bay. Arrival hall is in Level 2, and the Transportation Hub is in level 1.

Flight Arrival Hall KLIA2

Old Town White Coffee

There will be a pillar and other signboards to direct you to the Transportation Hub where the express buses boarding platform is located.

Pillar Direction to Transportation Hub

Wall Direction to Transportation Hub

Just walk straight until you see a wall that gives direction to go down to Level 1. There will be a travelator to take you down.

The Transportation Hub – Express Bus in KLIA2

• Waiting Area & Bus Ticket Counter

In The Transportation Hub, we found a spacious waiting area with many seats available for us to sit while waiting for our bus. The bus ticket counter was neatly arranged in a line in the passenger waiting area.

Waiting Area

Bus Ticket Counter

• Aerobus Ticket Counter

To confirm our bus trip, we headed to the Aerobus ticket counter. By the way, after we booked Aerobus bus ticket online at, we received an email of our booking confirmation and a text message (an mTicket) with the details of our bus trip to our mobile number.

When we asked the ticket counter, they said we only need to show the mTicket to the driver.

Aerobus Ticket Counter

Aerobus mTicket

• Convenience Store – KK Super Mart

While waiting for the bus, we walked around to see the facilities in the Transportation Hub of KLIA2. There was a convenience store named KK Super Mart at the waiting area if you want to get some drinks or snacks. KK Super Mart receives Alipay too, which made it super convenient for us to pay for our snacks.

KK Super Mart

Alipay at KK Super Mart

• Restaurant – NZ Curry House

Apart from the convenience store, there was also a restaurant called NZ Curry House where you could get heavier meals before your journey. There were many local dishes in the menu like Roti Canai and Nasi Lemak, which are famous in Malaysia and known to be delicious.

NZ Curry House Board

Inside NZ Curry House

• Hotel & Currency Exchange

Other than that, if you want to stay the night, or just need room to lie down, there is Capsule by Container Hotel at the same level as the Transportation Hub. Currency exchange is available on that floor as well, if you want to get some Malaysian Ringgit before you start traveling in Malaysia.

Capsule by Container Hotel

Currency Exchange

• Massage Chair & Mobile Charging Port

Tired from the long flight? Try the massage chair available in the waiting area. If you need to charge your phone, you can find many mobile charging port around the waiting area.

However, please make sure that you watch over your phone while its charging to avoid possible loss or damage.

Massage Chair Rest n Go

Mobile Charging Port

Bus from KLIA2 to Genting Highlands

It was almost 9.30AM. We started to go out to the bus boarding platform, located at the same location as the waiting area, separated by a transparent glass wall and accessible through an automatic sliding door. There are three gates for bus boarding platform. Usually, passengers go out through the 2nd Gate.

The bus platform number is clearly visible, marked to ease the navigation of the passengers. My friends and I had no problem finding our platform, as told by the lady at the ticket counter. Aerobus bus from KLIA2 to Genting Highlands is in platform B5.

Bus Boarding Platform

Aerobus bus to Genting Highlands

Aerobus Bus to Genting Highlands

Aerobus is one of the top operators operating bus from KLIA2 to Genting Highlands. The seats were full even on weekdays! We found ourselves to be satisfied with the bus condition. The bus has a large luggage compartment for the passengers to store their belongings. The seats were spacious and adjustable. The bus was fully air-conditioned too.

The bus to Genting Highlands from KLIA2 took around 2 hours. However, it was a comfortable ride and we managed to get a nap on the way to Genting Highlands.

Inside Aerobus

Air-Conditioning in Aerobus

Arrival at Awana Bus Terminal Genting Highlands

Aerobus bus from KLIA2 to Genting Highlands stopped in Awana Bus Terminal, the new bus terminal in Genting Highlands. From the bus terminal, we went up to the Level 2 to take the Awana SkyWay Cable Car.

After around 15 minutes of the cable car ride, we arrived in SkyAvenue, the new shopping mall in Genting Highlands. The shopping mall is huge. We did some window-shopping after taking a walk outside to breathe in the cold refreshing air of Genting Highlands.

Genting Casino

We also saw many Chinese from China going to the Genting casino, one of the reasons why Genting Highlands is famous among people in China. SkyAvenue have one newly opened Genting casino called SkyCasino on Level 1.

Apart from that, there are many other casinos in Genting Highlands in different hotels.



Well, we played some for fun. You should come to Genting Highlands too!

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