How to Find a Recommended Coach to Genting

Genting Highlands

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Online bus, train and flight ticket booking has become almost the norm for most people when traveling. Very few people today go to physical booking windows to book their tickets, preferring the ease of hassle-free online booking. Most travel services have their own ticketing gateways, but it is always more convenient to book tickets from a portal that give you information about a bunch of services that you can compare the timing, prices and reviews before booking.

Book a Coach to Genting from Malaysia and Singapore

With, you can book coaches to anywhere in Singapore and Malaysia as well as buses between the two countries. You can book tickets on the website and choose a coach to Genting from the range of services available. The best way to get to Genting Highlands is to take a bus to Kuala Lumpur and proceed from there. It is the most common route taken by most coaches.

About Genting Highlands

These highlands were founded by Lim Goh Tong and has since been developed into an integrated resort space that has hotels, restaurants, cafes, amusement parts, temples, strawberry and mushroom farms. Since it is on top of a hill, you can explore a number of hiking and trekking routes around the area. It gives beautiful sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding area and is usually misty and cool for most of the year because of its elevation.

The cable car that takes you up to the peak used to be the world’s fastest and Southeast Asia’s longest such service at 3.38km when it was opened. The cable car is still operational but is now air conditioned and closed on all sides, similar to a subway car. You can take the cable car going up and down or use the sometimes pathway that winds along the hill.

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