One-day Trip: Singapore Island Cruise Ferry to St John Island

Ferry to St John Island

In the year 2020, due to Covid-19 pandemic happening worldwide we were not able to travel out from Singapore. I heard from my aunt that St John Island has become one of the top options for Singaporean to spend their weekend. Therefore, my family and I decided to go to St John Island for a weekend getaway. While browsing, we saw a 2-way ferry ticket promotion for ferry to St. John Island from Marina South Pier on Oh, how lucky!

Below is the summary of my journey to St. John Island:

1) Get to Marina South Pier
2) Check in at Marina South Pier
3) Departure from Marina South Pier
4) Arrival at St John Island
5) Walk to Lazarus Island
6) Return to Marina South Pier

1) Get to Marina South Pier

There are 2 types of public transportation that we can use to get to Marina South Pier which are by train or bus. I decided to take the train to get to Marina South Pier. Firstly, we took to take the MRT train and head to Marina South Pier MRT Station (NS28). Once we reached the Marina South Pier MRT Station, we headed to Exit B to the ferry terminal.

Marina South Pier MRT
Marina South Pier MRT Exit B

Alternatively, for those who would like to take a transit bus to Marina South Pier, you can take bus no. 400 to Marina South Pier (B03419) bus stop. The bus stop is quite near to the ferry terminal so no worries about the walking the distance.

Note: Marina South Pier carpark was said not to be available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during that period. Therefore, for those who wanted to drive their own car to Marina South Pier during weekend or public holidays had to park their car at Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore Carpark and take the free shuttle bus to Marina South Pier. The free shuttle bus between Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore Carpark and Marina South Pier run from 6AM to 8PM, every 15 to 20 minutes on weekends and public holidays.

2) Check-in at Marina South Pier

We arrived at the Marina South Pier 30 minutes in advance, as encouraged. There were two ferry ticket counters at Marina South Pier; Marina South Ferries counter and Singapore Island Cruise counter.

Singapore Island Cruise

Singapore Island Cruise provides ferry service between Marina South Pier and St John Island. They also offer ferry service to Kusu Island but it was not available on the day of my departure because of the Kusu Pilgrimage Season.

Counter for Singapore Island Cruise & Ferry Services
Ferry Schedule from Marina South Pier to St John Island

Once we reached the Marina South Pier, we went to Singapore Island Cruise counter to check in and do a health declaration. For those who book their ferry tickets through you can easily show your booking confirmation email on your phone to check in. Then, they will provide you with a physical ticket to board the ferry.

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Island Cruise Ferry Ticket
Island Cruise Health Declaration

There are many amenities at Marina South Pier such as Free WiFi, washroom, and convenience store. The pier itself has beautiful view so you can walk around the pier while waiting for your departure.

Washroom at Marina South Pier
Shops at Marina South Pier

Remember to bring your own food and drinks to the island because there are no stores selling food or drinks on the island. For those who forgot to prepare it, you may find something at the convenience store in Marina South Pier.

Kusu Island Pilgrimage

While waiting for the departure time, I saw a counter promoting Kusu Island Pilgrimage. They told me that there is an annual Kusu Pilgrimage Season in Kusu Island during the ninth lunar month and many people will go to Kusu Island to celebrate The Nine Emperor God Festival. Kusu Island is also popular with the Chinese Temple – Da Bo Gong 大伯公 or Tua Pek Kong (Grand Uncle) and it seems like an attractive and lively place. Maybe I will visit it next time.

Counter Kusu Pilgrimage 2020
Counter Kusu Pilgrimage 2020 Shuttle Service

3) Departure from Marina South Pier

Getting closer to the departure time, we queued at the boarding point to board the ferry to St. John Island. We showed the boarding pass that we got from the counter to the person in charge and they let us in.

Entrance to the Boarding Point at the Ferry Terminal
Ferry Ticket

Note: Make sure you keep your ferry ticket well because you will need to present it to the person in charge for your return trip.

As we went further to the deck, the Singapore Island Cruise ferry was waiting for us so we boarded the ferry excitedly!

Actually, there are 3 types of ferry offered by Singapore Island Cruise. The ferry type you board depends on the number of passengers available on that departure time. The one we boarded for the departure trip was slightly small since the number of passengers were small, but it was still comfortable (wait till the end to see the awesome return trip ferry ahaks!).

Ferry to St John Island
Ferry to St John Island Deck

4) Welcome to St John Island!

Arrival at St John Island

The ferry to St John Island took about 20 minutes journey as usual, but also depends on the weather.

St John Island Pier
St John Island View

Remember to check in by scanning the Safe Entry QR code or use your SingPass to check in once you arrived at St. John Island.

There are many activities that you can enjoy at St. John Island with your friends or family.

Hiking or cycling

Prefer some active activities? Try hiking or cycling. The island offers natural beauties so you get to enjoy the fresh air away from the usual city view back in the mainland.

St John Island Hiking
St John Island Cycling

Picnic or BBQ

There are small shelters and places provided if you want to have a picnic or BBQ. Just choose a place and get the party started!

St John Island Picnic Bench
St John Island BBQ Area

Please note that there will be no equipment provided on the island so you have to prepare and bring all the tools, items or even the bike on your own.

5) Walk to Lazarus Island

Lazarus Island

After that, don’t forget to have a short trip to Lazarus Island as well. St John Island is very close to Lazarus Island and they are connected by a link bridge. It only took us about 15 minutes walking distance to get to Lazarus Island.

St John Island link bridge To Lazarus Island
Link bridge Observation Deck
Link bridge Observation Deck

The view from the bridge was astounding too! The blue sky, the sea on your left and right on top of the cool breeze caressing your skin once in a while. It did not even feel like a 15 minutes walk!

There are also many activities that you can enjoy at Lazarus Island and the water here is very clean.

Swimming or camping

Lazarus Beach is one of the favourite place for the visitors to go and have a swim. Apart of that, you can also go camping here although camping requires a permit. Nonetheless, Lazarus Island is definitely a must-go if you go to St John Island. Just sitting there, looking at the horizon while getting the buzz out of the sound of the waves hitting the shore is such a healing!

Swimming at Lazarus Island
Camping at Lazarus Island

Hiking or cycling

Hiking at Lazarus Island
Cycling at Lazarus Island

6) Time to Say Goodbye – Return Ferry from St John Island

Remember to check yourself out by scanning the Safe Entry QR code or use your SingPass to check out when you want to leave the island.

The return ferry back to Marina South Pier from St John Island is at the same location where the ferry dropped us off which was at the St John Island Pier. Just show the ferry ticket you have from the departure trip and you can board the ferry.

Ferry to Marina South Pier

Wow, the ferry that we boarded to go back to Marina South Pier was an air-conditioned ferry! Maybe because there were more passengers so they provided a bigger ferry.

TV for onboard entertainment and life jackets were available on the ferry. The ferry that Singapore Island Cruise provided was spacious, clean and comfortable and I was super satisfied with the service.

Ferry to Marina South Pier TV
Ferry to Marina South Pier Life Jackets

Arrival at Marina South Pier

Ferry from St John Island Pier took about 30 minutes to Marina South Pier. Upon arrival, you will need to go through a security check.

Arrival Marina South Pier
 Marina South Pier Security Check

It comes to the end of my sharing about my one day trip to St. John Island and maybe next time I will plan to visit Kusu Island. I will share with you guys once I went to Kusu Island. See you guys in the future!

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