Exciting Travel to Butterworth from KL by ETS Platinum

View from ETS Train

Travelling with ETS from KL to Butterworth

I only had several months left to finish my last semester in Kuala Lumpur. At the same time, I struggled to find a company where I can do my internship. I went to several interview sessions and finally, a company at Kuala Lumpur offered me to join the team. Before I start, they gave me 1 week opportunity for me to get well prepared.

Thus, I decided to visit my family at Butterworth. Usually, I would use the bus and buy my bus ticket at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS). Thankfully, my housemate introduced me to ETS.

Getting to ETS Train Departure Point, KL Sentral

I was advised to reach at the waiting area 30 minutes before the train arrived. The waiting area was very spacious and people can put their luggage and get some rest at the place. It was located at Gate B which is at the second floor of KL Sentral. I still had some time before the departure so I decided to grab some meals to eat while waiting for the train.

ETS train waiting area at KL Sentral
Gate B for ETS train at KL Sentral

10 minutes before the ETS train arrived, there was an announcement for the passengers to go to Gate C for the departure. We were called by a staff to follow him to the first level to reach Gate C.

ETS temporary gate at KL Sentral
Temporary gate C

Board the ETS Train

Yeay! After waiting for a while, finally the train arrived at 11 AM and passengers slowly walked into the train to find their seat. It was the time to board the ETS Train Platinum to Butterworth!

There were many seats and my seat was 8D which was beside the window. Along the journey, I really enjoyed the greenish view during the day while listening to my MP3.

ETS - Coach A
ETS seat number
Beautiful blue sky
Paddy field

Comfortable Seat and Spacious Coach

I was excited and slept well in the coach as the seats and the coach were very comfortable and spacious.

ETS seats
ETS interior view

Train ETS Platinum Facilities

In the train, there were many facilities for the passengers. Passengers can put their backpacks and luggage in the luggage compartments and other available area in the coach.

ETS overhead compartment
ETS luggage compartment

The other facilities were prayer room and the food and beverages (F&B) bar beside the prayer room. Both of them were in Coach C. Toilets were available in Coach B and E while handicap toilet was in Coach D.

Prayer room and food and beverages bar
Food and beverages bar

Ticket Checking and Snacks

Along the journey, the staff came to check the ticket one by one. They provided us with the complimentary snacks after the ticket was checked. Complimentary snacks are only available for passengers taking the Platinum ETS train.

Checked ticket
Complimentary snacks for ETS Platinum

Arriving at Butterworth

Wow! I did not feel the length of 3 hours journey because it was so comfortable. Also, it was cold and that made me sleepy. Finally, I arrived at my destination safely. I went to the bus station located just in front of the train station and catched the Rapid Penang bus to get to my parent’s house.

ETS train platform in Butterworth train station
Penang Sentral Temporary Bus Station

Tips: As the journey for ETS from KL to Butterworth is quite long, passengers should remember to bring your sweater or coat to prevent from getting cold due to the air-conditioner.