Complete Guide for Awana SkyWay Genting Highlands

Awana SkyWay is the cable car station where passengers start to board the cable car. The cable car starts from Awana Station and ends in SkyAvenue Station in Genting Highlands. There is a stop named Chin Swee Station for those who want to visit the Chin Swee Caves Temple.

Awana Skyway Stations

Awana Station → Chin Swee Station → SkyAvenue Station

Buy Cable Car Tickets in Awana SkyWay Station

Awana SkyWay is located in the same building as the Awana Bus Terminal. Awana SkyWay is located in the Level 2 (L2), as well as the ticket counter for the cable car. Passengers are encouraged to use the cable car ticket machine located on the same level to buy the ticket.

Awana Skyway Ticket Counter
Awana Skyway Ticket Machine

The ticket is valid for 72 hours after the time the ticket is purchased. Here is the Awana Skyway cable car ticket price for your reference:

Ticket Type Price (RM)
Standard Gondola : 1 Way 8
Standard Gondola : Return 16
Express Standard Gondola : 1 Way 40
Chartered Standard Gondola : 1 Way 300
Glass Floor Gondola : 1 Way 50
Chartered Glass Floor Gondola : 1 Way 500
Over Size Baggage : 1 Way 20
Over Size Baggage : Return 40

Note: Free ride for children below 90cm

Waiting Area & Washrooms in Awana SkyWay

In Awana SkyWay, there are also ample seats for you to sit. The ticket counter and the ticket machine are all in the same area in Level 2. There are washrooms for men and women in the waiting area and you can find it easily beside the ticketing counter.

Awana Skyway Waiting Area
Toilet in Awana Skyway

Heading to Cable Car

Before you board the cable car, you will have to pass a security check-up by passing through the security scanner. Next, walk through another entrance door where you have to touch your ticket to the machine available. There will be staffs waiting to guide you to board the cable car at the boarding platform.

Entrance to Cable Car
Awana Skyway Cable Car

USB Port & Safety Instruction in Cable Car

Awana SkyWay has launched new cable car with a better service and better system. Many passengers find the new cable car safer and moves faster compared to the previous one. There are USB Ports available in the cable car and safety instructions are clearly displayed for the passengers.

USB Port in cable car
Safety Instruction

The cable car can take up to 10 people per cable car with maximum load 750kg. In case of emergency, please wait for further announcement from the operating staffs or call the Hotline number displayed in the cable car.

View from Cable Car & Chin Swee Station

From the cable car, you can enjoy the astonishing views as it moves further up above the clouds. For better experience, choose the Glass Floor Gondola, which cost RM50/way. Picture on the right is the view of Chin Swee Caves Temple from the cable car. The cable car will make a stop in Chin Swee Station if you want to pay a visit.

View from Skyway Cable Car
Chin Swee Temple

Arrive in Genting Highlands

The cable car trip duration from Awana Skyway up to Genting Highlands takes around 10 minutes, if the journey is smooth. You will arrive in SkyAvenue Station, which is connected to SkyAvenue shopping mall. Many famous brand and shops is going to open soon.
The mall is connected to the First World Hotel. You should also be able to reach to your desired destination by following the signboard. Enjoy your trip to Genting Highlands!

Arrive in Genting Highlands

Going to Genting Highlands?

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