The Best Travel Guide for Bus from KL to Singapore

Ever wondered what's the best way to travel from Malaysia to Singapore? Some people would say the easiest way is to take a flight, but personally, I'd suggest taking the bus since they're much cheaper and you get to see the sights on the journey.

Eltabina Express

I started the trip by taking the Eltabina Jaya Express from the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) located in Kuala Lumpur. I was quite relieved when this bus heading to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur arrived to the station right on time!

Eltabina Express Inside

The express bus is equipped with a spacious storage compartment for your luggage and a 37-seater double deck coach. With the cool air-conditioning in the bus and the huge amount of leg space, I felt so cosy as I stretched out my legs and got myself comfortable for the ride to Singapore.

For this bus from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, the Eltabina Jaya Express stopped halfway at Yong Peng for about 30 minutes for passengers have a quick break and get some lunch, since the journey usually takes about 6 hours.

When the bus reached the Malaysia custom, every one of the passengers was required to bring down their belongings to go through custom. It was a good thing the driver told us to remember the bus’ licence plate number because we had to get into the same bus right after that.

Once we got to the Singapore custom, passengers had to take all their belongings to bypass Singapore custom. And just as before, we had to board the same bus again.

KKKL Travel & Tours Office

The arrival point is Textile Center, which is also KKKL Travel & Tours office.

Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the bay Daytime

After that, I proceeded to my first location: Gardens by the Bay, which was just a taxi ride away.

Gardens by the Bay Night View

Gardens by the bay Singapore

At 7.15pm, the musical show starts - which lasted about 30 minutes. You can see a lot of people hanging around to enjoy the colourful musical performance.

Hotel Lobby

Hotel room inside

Hotel Room

Later, I check-in Aqueen Lavender Hotel, located at Lavender Street. The room was really cosy and equipped with a mini fridge, a television, a wardrobe and a kettle.

China Town Singapore

China Town Stalls

After breakfast the next day, I took the MRT to China Town and grabbed some souvenirs to bring home.

FREE shuttle bus to 112 Katong

Later on, I took the MRT to Payar Lebar and got on a FREE shuttle bus to 112 Katong that stops by in front of Payar Lebar Shopping Center.

Katong V Singapore

KKKL Express from Katong V Singapore

I arrived at Katong 112 and walk around 15 minutes towards Katong V, which was the departure point for my bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. The KKKL express bus was already there waiting for me. It was quite a pleasant Singapore trip, made possible by the comfortable and convenient bus service between Malaysia and Singapore. I would most definitely go to Singapore again by bus!