First World Hotel Genting Highland

Last weekend, my husband and I finally got to go to Genting Highland after planning for so long. After sending our youngest daughter to the university the week before, we managed to get some free time to enjoy travelling and spent a fun and relaxing time with each other.

Taking the night bus to Genting Highland is a popular option in Alor Setar. Antar Holiday Express, particularly, is famous for its quality bus service from Alor Setar to Genting Highland. As usual, we booked our bus tickets in advance at, printed our tickets and brought them together with us to the departure point.

Now, let me share with you my experience of taking the night bus from Alor Setar to Genting Highland with Antar Holiday Express.

Departure Point – Antar Holiday Office

The departure point for Antar Holiday Express bus to Genting Highland is at the Antar Holiday office, located in Jalan Kuala Kedah, Taman Teratai Jingga, Alor Setar. The office is located right beside a big food court called Star Avenue.

Antar Holiday Express Office

Star Avenue

If you arrive early to the departure point, you can sit, sip a drink or enjoy a meal before your departure at the Star Avenue. They got a variety of local dishes and western food to suit your taste bud. There are also washrooms at the back of the Star Avenue for public use if you need them.

Star Avenue Food Court

Toilet at Star Avenue

Exchange Bus Tickets

Once we reached the Antar Holiday office, we went inside to exchange our bus tickets at the counter. After the staff confirmed our online bus ticket purchase, she gave us the Antar Holiday Express bus tickets, which consist of the bus plate number and other information.

Printed Booking Confirmation from

Antar Holiday Express Printed Ticket

Boarding the Antar Holiday Express Bus

The departure time for the bus to Genting Highland was at 10 PM. Upon reaching the departure time, more and more passengers came to wait for the bus in front of the Antar Holiday office. There was more than one bus departing at the same time so the plate number given to us on the ticket was really helpful.

Once it was our time to board the bus, we gave our tickets to the driver to confirm our trip. He then took our luggage and stored them in the luggage compartment. My husband and I boarded the bus safely and found our seat as we booked from the website.

Antar Holiday Express Bus at the office

Bus to Genting Highland from Alor Setar

Antar Holiday Express Bus

The coaches by Antar Holiday Express bus to Genting Highland was a VIP bus with 28 seats. The seats were arranged 2 x 1 per row, except for the last row, which had four seats. The bus was equipped with air-conditioning and the seats are spacious with enough legroom to stretch during the journey. There was also overhead compartment inside the bus for smaller luggage.

Seats of Antar Holiday Express Bus

Interior of Antar Holiday Express Bus

Bus to Genting Highland from Alor Setar

The bus from Alor Setar to Genting Highland took almost 7 hours journey with two stops for toilet breaks. As it was a night bus, the light inside the bus was turned off to let the passengers sleep. My husband and I found ourselves to be sleeping comfortably throughout most of the journey.

Tips: I suggest you bring a sweatshirt or a blanket along with you on the bus as the air-conditioner might get you cold on the long journey.

Drop-off Point – Lobby of First World Hotel

Around 4.40AM, we reached Genting Highland. The arrival time was past midnight and the Awana Skyway was not in operation at this time. So, the driver dropped us in front of the lobby of the First World Hotel. The front lobby of the First World Hotel served as a taxi and coach bay.

After we alight from the bus and got our luggage, we thanked the bus driver for the journey. Then, we checked-in ourselves to the pre-booked hotel room at the First World Hotel.

Coach Bay in front of First World Hotel Lobby

First World Hotel Lobby in Genting Highland

Taking the night bus to Genting Highland from Alor Setar with Antar Holiday Express was surely a good and comfortable experience, as claimed by our friends that used the service before. The online booking portal makes it even easier for us to travel around Malaysia.

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