Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur Bus Tickets

Estimated Trip Duration : 4 hrs 30 min

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Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur Bus Schedule and Bus Fare

Bus Operator First Bus Last Bus No.of Trip Depart Day Fare From
Causeway Link Express 07:45 21:00 7 M T W T F S S  RM 34.10
City Holidays Express 00:00 23:45 26 M T W T F S S  RM 34.30
Eltabina Jaya Sdn Bhd 10:00 10:00 1 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
FIVE STAR 00:05 23:59 12 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Inter Top Express KL 06:30 23:59 11 M T W T F S S  RM 34.00
Jadam Express 10:00 22:00 2 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
JB Transliner 08:00 23:45 8 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Kejora Masyhur Sdn Bhd 07:45 10:30 12 M T W T F S S  RM 30.00
KKKL SDN BHD (Terus Nanti) 07:00 22:00 14 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia) 06:30 22:15 9 M T W T F S S  RM 34.00
Konsortium E-Mutiara 19:00 19:00 1 M T W T F S S  RM 32.20
KPB Ekspress 07:45 14:15 15 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Kwok Ping 00:15 23:55 18 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
LA Holidays 06:15 23:59 18 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
LA Holidays (KKKL Translim Agent) 06:45 21:15 6 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Maju Express 09:30 22:30 3 M T W T F S S  RM 34.30
Mayang Sari Express 07:30 20:30 16 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Mega Star Transportation (Kejora Express) 06:45 11:45 5 M T W T F S S  RM 30.00
Meridian Holidays Sdn Bhd 00:30 23:59 20 M T W T F S S  RM 34.30
Neoliner Express 09:00 23:59 15 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Prisma Express 09:45 23:59 6 M T W T F S S  RM 34.50
Seasons Express Larkin 00:03 23:33 10 M T W T F S S  RM 40.00
Sin Yong Express 07:15 22:46 26 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
SMB Express 08:30 22:00 6 M T W T F S S  RM 25.00
Sri Theven Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd 09:00 09:30 2 M T W T F S S  RM 25.00
Star Coach Express Sdn Bhd 09:30 22:15 2 M T W T F S S  RM 40.00
Starmart Express 10:00 23:59 14 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Suasana Edaran Sdn Bhd (new) 09:30 09:30 1 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Super 88 Express 10:25 15:40 12 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Super Coach Express 00:00 23:00 26 M T W T F S S  RM 35.00
Supernice Grassland 06:43 17:29 28 M T W T F S S  RM 40.00
Transnasional 01:00 23:59 19 M T W T F S S  RM 34.30
Transnasional 01:00 23:59 8 M T W T F S S  RM 34.30
UBT Group (Skudai) 09:30 23:59 6 M T W T F S S  RM 38.00

Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur Bus Trip Summary


331 km

Avg Duration

4 hrs 30 min

No.of Operator


Total Trip


Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur Bus Guide

Bus from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur

Bus from Johor Bahru to KL is the key transportation to connect two largest cities in Malaysia. Thousands of commuters travel daily between the two cities. Besides that, to save cost, many travellers from Singapore also travel to Larkin bus terminal in Johor Bahru to take bus to KL. Few of the famous bus companies that provide daily bus from Johor Bahru to KL are KKKL, Konsortium, Causeway Link, Transnasional, Qistna Express etc.

How to Save Cost by Boarding at Johor Bahru instead of Singapore?

The standard bus fare for bus from Singapore to KL is SGD 30, whereas standard bus fare for bus from Johor Bahru to KL is RM35. One could save about RM40 or SGD15, considering the exchange rate of Singapore Dollar to Malaysia Ringgit is 2.5.

After understanding the saving model, another question is how one goes from Singapore to Johor Bahru Larkin bus terminal. Simplest way is to take MRT to Kranji station. Then at bus stop just outside Kranji MRT, you could see bus 170 or Causeway Link CW2, which both coaches will bring you to Larkin bus terminal at cost of SDG 1.30 or RM 3.

Please note that the duration from Singapore to Johor Bahru Larkin bus terminal will take about 1 hour, depending on custom traffic. One should plan the schedule properly so that he/she can check in 30 minutes before departure.

Another point to take note is that many ticket touts are in Larkin bus terminal soliciting customers. If you are approached to buy ticket, you can politely inform them that you have booked ticket online. They will not bother you and let you go. Therefore it is advised to book ticket online in advance or buy bus ticket directly from counter.

Duration, Fare, Stops, and Arrival Point

The standard bus fare for bus from Johor Bahru to KL is ranging from RM 33.25 to RM 45.00. During festive season like Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, bus fare may go up.

Duration for bus from Johor Bahru to KL usually takes about 4 hours with 1 washroom break provided. Some coaches will stop at Yong Peng food court for washroom break and meal break. Therefore, please check for your choice before purchasing your ticket

All coaches from Johor Bahru to KL terminate at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS), the newly built bus terminal at Bandar Tasik Selatan. Passengers who want to go city centre need to transfer LRT next to TBS. Here is the guide.

Booking Johor Bahru to KL Bus Ticket at is secure and simple. Basically, so long you have the internet access, you could make online booking at anywhere under the sun. You not only can book Johor Bahru to KL Bus Ticket, but also other bus ticket within Malaysia.