Complete Guide for Awana Bus Terminal Genting Highlands

If you are going to Genting Highlands, especially by public transportation, you are most likely to drop-off in Awana Bus Terminal. Awana Bus Terminal is the new bus terminal to go to Genting Highlands. To reach Genting Highlands, there are few new infrastructure involved:

  • New bus terminal in Awana Genting Highlands called Awana Bus Terminal
  • Awana Skyway, located in the same building as Awana Bus Terminal
  • Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

Why take bus to Genting Highlands?

Driving your car up to Genting Highlands could be very tiring due to the height and the winding road. If you do not have enough rest or your car is not well-prepared for the journey, accident might happen too. Taking the bus to Genting Highlands is the easiest and can be the cheapest way to Genting Highlands.

Awana Bus Terminal

Awana Bus Terminal Levels

Bus Ticketing Counters
Bus Boarding Platform
Bus Arrival Platform
Baggage Storage Service
Taxi Stand

Car Park
Awana SkyWay
Awana SkyWay Ticketing Counter

Entrance to Bus Terminal

If you take an express bus to Genting Highlands, the drop-off point will be in Genting Awana Bus Terminal located around 20 minutes from Genting Sempah. When you reach Awana Bus Terminal, you will see two buildings. On your left is the car park area and on your right is the Awana Bus Terminal. Express bus will drop off their passengers and depart from here.

Main Entrance for bus in Awana Bus Terminal
Main Entrance to Awana Bus Terminal

Arrival Platform & Departure Platform

The arrival and departure platforms for bus are neatly arranged and marked with signboards. The system applied in the new bus terminal is convenient to direct the passengers to the right departure platform. Some of the famous bus operators that can be seen frequently is Aerobus.

Arrival Platform in Awana Bus Terminal
Departure Platform in Awana Bus Terminal

Ticket Counter

The ticket counter in Awana Genting Bus Terminal is located on the Lower Ground level (LG), same level as the arrival and departure platform. There is no specific counter for a specific bus operator. You can buy the bus ticket from any bus operator from the same counter. The operation hour for the ticket counter begins at 8AM.

Location of LCD TV beside the ticket counter
Bus Ticket Counter in Awana Bus Terminal


In Awana Bus Terminal, you will see few LCD TV display in several area in the Level LG. The purpose of the LCD TV is to list down the departure and arrival for the buses in the terminal.

From the LCD TV, you can see the bus operator name, trip no., time, destination, platform number and status of the bus trip, whether it departed or delayed.

Please check your platform number carefully to avoid boarding the wrong bus and ending up in the wrong destination.

LCD TV in Passengers Waiting Area
LCD TV Displaying Departure and Arrival Time for Buses

Passenger Waiting Area

There are many seats in the passenger waiting area on the Level LG. Therefore, passengers can sit comfortably while waiting for their bus. However, the space might not be enough during high season.

Passengers Waiting Area in Awana Bus Terminal
Passengers Waiting Area in Awana Bus Terminal

Washroom, Baby Care Room & Handicap Washroom

There are separate washrooms for men and women. Be careful with the signs in front of the washroom as it might be a bit confusing.

On top of that, they also provide baby care room for the mothers to tend to their children’s need. The handicap toilet (OKU toilet) is also available and the signs are clearly visible.

All of these facilities are available at all levels.

Toilet in Genting Awana Bus Terminal

Lift & Escalator

To travel and explore the building, you can use the stairs, escalators or lift. All of these options are available in the building. Just follow the signs and you should be able to reach to your desired points in the building.

Lift in Awana Bus Terminal
Escalator to Awana Skyway Cable Car

Baggage Storage Service

For your information, there is a limit to how much a person can carry to the cable car. Only one baggage per person is allowed and if you exceed the size limit, you might have to pay up to RM20 surcharge for it.

Fortunately, Awana Bus Terminal has a Baggage Storage Service in Level G where you can store your belongings up to Genting Highlands.

Baggage Storage Service in Awana Bus Terminal
Baggage Storage Service Counter in Awana Bus Terminal

Taxi Stand

Taxi area in Genting Awana Bus Terminal is located at the G Floor, in front of the Baggage Storage Service counter. Just walk out through the door as in the second picture below to wait for the taxi.

Taxi Counter in Awana Bus Terminal
Taxi Area in Awana Bus Terminal

Car Park

You can drive to Awana Bus Terminal and park your car in the available parking space before taking the cable car to Genting Highlands. The location of the car park in Awana Bus Terminal is in front of the bus terminal. They are connected by a bridge. You just need to follow back the signboard to go to Awana Skyway.

Car Park Area in Awana Bus Terminal
Entrance Door from Car Park to Awana Skyway

The picture on the left below is the lobby in car park area and another picture is the escalator. There are in total 7 level of car park area. However, we found no lift in the building. Washroom is available in all level too.

Car Park Lobby in Awana Bus Terminal
Escalator in Car Park Area in Awana Bus Terminal

The car park uses auto-pay system for the parking fee. Autopay station is located in Car Park B1, B3, B5 and B6.

Ticket Machine & Vending Machine

Apart from the ticket counter, you can also buy your bus ticket from the ticket machine. It is available on the Level LG where all the express bus operation is located. Want to get some refreshment? You can look for the vending machines provided in the building.

Ticket Machine in Awana Bus Terminal
Vending Machine in Awana Bus Terminal

Other Facilities?

Awana Bus Terminal is still under development. There is no surau, restaurant or convenience store in Awana Bus Terminal yet. However, you can have the access to all these facilities when you reach Genting Highlands by the cable car which takes around 10 minutes.

Alternatively, you can visit the Genting Highlands Premium Outlet in front of the terminal. The bridge connecting the two building is on Level G. Prayer room, food court and other shops are available in the Genting Highland Premium Outlet.

Genting Highlands Premium Outlet from Awana Bus Terminal
Food Court in Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

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Please note that other bus terminal such as Mushroom Bus Terminal is still operating. Please check your drop-off point when you book the ticket.