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Muar Muar

Muar is popular for its Otak-otak and delicious yet inexpensive foods served by food stalls and restaurants. The popularity of its Otak-otak has driven the people around the area to purposely make a trip down to the town just to buy otak-otak. Even people from Singapore also intentionally detour from North South Highway to the town to buy the famous otak-otak in bulk back to Singapore. Otak-otak is actually a piece of fish paste made of fish and spice wrapping inside a banana leaf (for those who have no idea of what otak-otak is)

During mid year June and year end December period, many people around the area and even Singaporean flock to Muar as well as nearby Tangkak for another reason. It is all because of the durian harvest period in Tangkak durian plantation. Singaporeans come to Tangkak plantation areas to enjoy free flow of durian, and then passby Muar to enjoy the food and buy otak-otak in bulk before heading back to Singapore.

Transportation Guide
As there is no train station and airport in Muar, bus would be the best option of transport to go to the town. Good frequency and reasonable bus fare of bus service is available from Johor Bahru Larkin Bus Terminal and Kuala Lumpur TBS to Muar bus terminal, Hentian Maharani Bus Station. One recommended bus service provider is KKKL Express